An Update on the Fake Glasses

Rachel told me yesterday that halfway during the day, she asked her teacher if she could put her glasses in her backpack. Her teacher said yes, and asked what exactly she needed her glasses for: reading, nearsightedness, farsightedness, or fashion? It caught her a little off guard, and Rachel just sat there, "Ummmmmm."

"I think they're for fashion," her friend quietly responded for her.

"Yes, for fashion," Rachel affirmed.

"Well, they're very cute," her teacher replied.

Rachel forgot her glasses at home this morning.

Watching your kids go through things like this make being a mom fun.

Washing wet sheets, cleaning up poop (Kaleigh's first, and hopefully last, accident of that kind in her underwear) and sweeping up a pile of broken serving dishes that were knocked off the kitchen counter and shattered onto the floor do NOT make being a mom fun.

Good thing I got both on the same morning to balance things out.

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