While She Was Supposed to be Sleeping

Instead of taking a nap or going to bed when she is supposed to, Kaleigh tries on clothes.

Sometimes I find six or seven different outfits strewn across her bedroom floor.

And I wonder why I even bother putting on her pajamas.

P.S. I moved 5,000 photos over to my external hard drive. It's like I have a new computer!
P.P.S. I cleaned the wall next to Kaleigh's bed after I saw how dirty it was in this video.


Katie said...

She is ADORABLE....and I'd rather sleep in a fancy dress with shoes, too! ;)

Mommy Named Meg said...

Is the dress on backwards? That's so cute!

blakeandcourt said...

What a cutie! Brooke is still in a crib, but I know it's only a matter of time before she gets I to mischief during nap time too. And it must be a toddler thing because Brooke says "I wanna see it" too every time we try to video her. Love it!