Day for Kids

Last Saturday, the Boys and Girls Club in Weber County sponsored a "Day for Kids".

Our neighbor, Soniya, spent the weekend with us while her mom was out of town and filled us in on all of the details.

Participating locations included the Ogden Nature Center, the Eccles Dinosaur Park, The Ice Sheet, Papageorge Dairy, The BSA C.O.P.E. Course, and Fat Cats.

Rachel and Lucy were funny. They timidly asked if there was any chance they could "please, please, please" go to something. Hmmmm. Don't I always choose playing with my kids over other activities? Almost always. Especially when it is free.

We made our game plan and assumed that Fat Cats and the Dinosaur Park would be really crowded. Since a lot of kids wouldn't even know what the BSA C.O.P.E. Course was, we figured that was our best bet to avoid the craziness.

Sure enough, when we arrived at the Boy Scout offices, we were the only ones there for the Day for Kids.

Rachel, Lucy, and Soniya had a fun time climbing on the rock wall, but they were too young to ride the zip line or do anything else on the ropes course. We were about to leave, but a photographer from the Standard Examiner came, so the girls went back up the rock wall again. Rachel (and Lucy's) foot made the Sunday newspaper.

We took a break to attend a baby shower and then hurried over to The Ice Sheet. I anticipated lots of kids and lots of lines, but there were very few kids and no lines. (It made me second-guess our prediction about Fat Cats.) Some of our neighbors and cousins came and joined us, and the kids had a fun afternoon ice-skating.

I sure love Ogden and all of the family-friendly activities available in our community, yet I am still amazed how poorly attended many of them are. If something like this were to take place in Logan, it would have been a zoo. Hurray for Ogden, and lucky us. We will continue enjoying all of the fun things Ogden has to offer until everyone else catches on and decides to come join us in this fun town. Did I mention the houses across the street and next door to us are both for sale?


Angela said...

You make me want to move to Ogden.

Ryanne said...

Yeah, I'm slightly jealous of your activities and crowd size. Sounds like its worth a day trip to Ogden.

Mommy Named Meg said...

I guess I'm just too much a recluse to even know what these things are or when they are going on. I love Ogden too. I love discovering all it has to offer. I need to explore it more.

Mrs B said...

Man- let me know about some of this stuff! I'm always finding out about things a little too late. :)