The Day Without Labor

It's a pretty rare thing for my husband and my brother (two of the hardest-working people I know) to take a full day off work. It is even more amazing that they spent the weekend in a location with limited internet access and spotty cell phone service. . . the perfect way to celebrate Labor Day. (It should be noted that at one point, Sam was the one lecturing some of the women folk to put away our computers and focus on the conversation!)

Now that our Malouf Family Labor Day Weekend has become a tradition, the kids know what to expect. And boy, were they excited:

Sydney didn't let her broken arm stop her from enjoying the wave runners:

Talmage was a good sport. He wore his drysuit and spent most of his time on the beach:

And Kaleigh wasn't afraid of the sand this year. She was all over the place. Eating my gum:

Playing with anyone who would talk to her (including other visitors on the beach):

Hanging out with her dad:

Watching the seagulls:

And drinking approximately 27 Capri Suns:

Rachel and Derrick enjoyed some lounging on the beach:

Or at least they tried to relax. Until BAM! Kaleigh snuck up and jump on their backs:

We ended up with lots and lots of pictures of Lucy and her cool hair. Imagine that.

Almost all of the photos were taken by Rebecca and Kacie. Because I spent the afternoon enjoying a nice nap on the beach:

Oh, yeah. And because they are great photographers with fancy schmancy cameras.

There were only a few kids brave enough to ride the tube:

If Adam looks scared on the wave runner, he should be. I went out for one last ride with Steve and Adam, and all three of us ended up in the water.

He felt a little safer on the beach:

Finn had a good time on the beach too:

And so did Talmage:

I guess everyone had a good time on the beach:

Day Two was spent at Snowbasin:

We had a picnic lunch on the patio and then rode the gondola to Needles Lodge:

The views were spectacular and the ride provided plenty of chances for picture posing:

And potty jokes. I can only imagine what Sam just said:

When we got to the top, the lady handed us a chart with pictures of wildflowers for us to look for on our hike. It felt like springtime up there:

The weather was perfect; the short hike was perfect:

It was a good thing Uncle Paul was there to protect Adam from the bees:

Can you tell what's going on in this picture? That's Rebecca, laying down in the gondola. On a ride all by herself. I could go for that right now.

The gondola is open on Saturdays and Sundays and is a must-do for anyone near Ogden.

Maybe I shouldn't let Lucy wear these sunglasses in public anymore?

The End.


Stephanie said...


Stephanie said...

Can I be a Ballard on this weekend next year?

The Ballard's said...

I'm a Ballard & I didn't get to go:( I think you have to be a Malouf. Cool post.... I am guessing you took my advice and just crossed a few things off the list?? OR, did you get everything done?

Ryanne said...

What a great way to spend Labor Day, and with no distractions.

Mindy said...

I loved this post! Your parents have some beautiful grandkids. I'm thinking when, not if, you come to Vernal next summer, you need to drag Sam and Kacie and crew with you. We'll have a campout or something :)

Kayli said...

You're right, or rather your sister-in-law was right. I saw these pictures and wanted to move to Ogden. But not because how beautiful they are (although they are), but because your family is in the pictures hanging out with you!!! I can get a lot of amazing pictures of Switzerland, but none with any or my siblings or my kids' cousins. sniff sniff.
But hey, if you want to come visit Switzerland, come anytime- we'd love to show off OUR mountains. :)

Julee said...

What a fun tradition! Miss you guys!

Rebecca said...

Haha! That's awesome that you got a picture of me laying down in the Gondola. That WAS pretty awesome!

Thanks again for doing most of the planning and work to make this happen. It was great!

MaRea Hess said...

I'm sure of it, you guys have found more fun things to do in Eden then we have. Such cute pictures, three great photographers=amazing memories.