Hair and Another Day at Oasis Market

I never imagined how much of my responsibilities as a mother would revolve around hair. There was a whole lot of talk about hair in the Ballard Family last week.

It all started last Monday when I noticed Adam tipping his head back further and further so he could peer out from underneath the hair covering his eyes. I promptly grabbed a pair of (rather dull) scissors from the kitchen drawer and gave him a quick trim.

I'd like to think I was going for the retro look since I'm pretty sure I sported that same haircut myself some 25 years ago. And we did go to the Classic Waterpark that night, so I thought he could pull it off. I was planning to find some decent scissors and straighten things out a bit.

Until I showed Adam that picture I took of him. He didn't recognize himself and actually asked who it was.

Tuesday night, I went to a Relief Society class taught by my friend, Melissa, and learned how to cut hair. I was pretty excited to try out my newfound strategies and techniques and declared Wednesday haircut day.

Adam was relatively patient and was super excited about his new haircut:

Kaleigh was next. I straightened her hair out (first time) to ensure that I was trimming things the same length.

She was not very interested in sitting still on the stool, so I cut as quickly as I could. I do my best to keep this girl happy.

About that time, a guy walked by my house and asked if I could cut his hair.


But I did give my niece, Sydney, a quick trim when she stopped by on her way to kindergarten.

I called my sister-in-law that night to thank her for suggesting that I trim Kaleigh's hair. Her fro seemed so much more manageable and curled up so cute.

Kaleigh's hair was finally tame, so I'm not sure why I decided it needed to be braided. But I had already talked to my neighbor about getting it done, and she texted me on Thursday and said it would be a good day for her to do it. I took her over at 2:00 pm, expecting her to be lightening fast like the last lady we hired. My neighbor told me her friend was a better braider and she would be the one doing the braids. Kaleigh's hair wasn't finished until 3:45 pm.

And then it was Lucy's turn. Three and a half hours later, Lucy's hair looked like this:

Pretty amazing, right? She is so excited to show it off at school tomorrow. It has been nice not to have to do hair for the last four mornings. If Lucy's braids would stay in for anywhere close to the three to four weeks they are supposed to last, I would happily pay the $20 to get her hair done on a regular basis. But I am kind of guessing my neighbor's friend won't ever offer to braid her hair for twenty bucks now that she knows how thick it is.

Rachel was disappointed that there wasn't time to get her hair braided too. Disappointed as in there might have been some tears. But since Rachel got her hair braided earlier this spring, it worked out. Rachel is rather jealous of Lucy's long hair these days and has decided to grow hers out, even if it means they will look more like twins. (Rachel makes great efforts to look different than Lucy to avoid the twin comments.)

Someday I'm going to figure out how to do it myself. Someday.

And if I can't, I think we'll go for dreadlocks. Like this dog that Rachel spotted at the farmers market on Wednesday:

The dog's owner had matching dreadlocks, but Rachel was too shy to go up and snap a picture of him too. Which is strange because she had no problem marching up to these unsuspecting people at the mall to take this photo.

And speaking of the farmers market. . . I think our days of selling herbs and vegetables might be over for the season. We have plenty of produce, but there are just too many fun things going on at the Oasis Market to distract the girls from staying at their table.

Like this magician who dazzled Rachel and Lucy with his skills:

Want to see how he did that cool trick with the dollar bill? I actually looked it up.

Rachel and Lucy were completely engrossed with this neat art project that resulted in our first school uniform casualty of the year. They helped paint the shapes, splatter the paint, and the artist recorded different things he heard throughout the night as part of the art. Can you identify Kaleigh's verbal contribution? (Bottom left.)

And the best part of the farmers market. . . forget doughnuts. Last week they had CUPCAKES.

I ended up sitting at our table by myself for most of the evening. We went home with eight dollars. (In case you were wondering.)


Aneesa Bee said...

I love hairy posts!!! We had a lady teach basic haircutting in R.S. when I lived in NM, and it remains to this day the best R.S. I ever attended. I still wonder if they planned the activity with me specifically in mind after months of watching my poor boys come to church with butchered hair. When i jokingly asked the beautician who did the teaching, she did NOT deny it--or even try. LOL. GOOD JOB!!!!!

As for the bedtime thing--I was trying to find my post to see what I said, because bedtime is not my favorite time of night in general--if I can just hang in there long enough to actually spend time listening to my boys, it is often the most memorable part of the day. That's an IF though! I have often told my kids that "grouchy mom comes out after 9:00" and I mean it.

Emily, you are one of my heroes, and hearing that you stick your foot in your mouth makes me feel so much better about myself. And that YouTube guy is a JERK. I'm thinking it's someone with a personal vendetta?? Thanks for sharing your month--both the good and bad! And happy harvest to you!

The Ballard's said...

Wow! This post was jammed packed with fun information. Love the hair, glad the cuts worked out good. Hope the guy that asked was kidding...

Min said...

Next time that guy walks by and wants you to cut his hair, send him my way. I need guys to practice on.

Lori said...

i love ogden.

Ramanda said...

Super impressive hair cutting skills! You are braver than me, cutting Kaleigh's hair. I trim Hall's like it is a bonsai bush. I need to actually give her a real hair cut.
I loved in Ogden when I was in my early teens and it definitely wasn't as cool then as you describe it now haha!