I think I am going to start a foundation:

Parents Who Love Television and Video Games

Either of these two boys could be the poster child:

While stuffing clothes into the washing machine. . .

Adam: Hey, this is like playing a video game!
Me: Oh, yeah?
Adam: Yeah. Doing laundry is like playing video games.
Me: How's that?
Adam: At first it's hard, but if you do it over and over again it gets easier, and then you win!

Driving home from preschool the other day, after slamming on my brakes. . .

Isaiah: That's inertia?
Me: What did you just say?
Isaiah: That was inertia?
Adam: What's inertia?
Isaiah: When the car stops fast but your body keeps going.
Me: Where did you learn about inertia?
Isaiah: On Sid the Science Kid.

I'm not saying you don't have to be careful WHAT your kids watch and WHAT your kids play.

I am saying there is a lot of television watching and game playing going on at our house. And I think my kids (and nephew) are smarter because of it.


MaRea Hess said...

I justify much of my kids Iphone/ipad playing because Its "educational"! I wonder if that has much to do with the Attention span both my kids have.

I think I need to start watching Sid the Science guy.

LM said...

I'm convinced K is going to learn the alphabet before age 2 b/c of the cute alphabet game on the ipad ;) haha. My favorite kids tv show is Dinosaur Train... Maybe I have a thing for dinosaurs, growing up in Vernal & all. I find it really interesting :)

Mrs B said...

I try really hard to only let P watch educational shows & seriously, he learns a crazy lot of stuff! I'm with MaRea- I need to start watching Sid so I can keep up with him!