It was brought to my attention today that I've been canning a typo. (I've passed it onto quite a few of you, as well.)

Lisa Clawson's recipe for Jill's Fresh Marinara Sauce listed fresh ingredients with some options to substitute with dried/canned ingredients. The third line says 6-7 green onions chopped (or 1 c. dried green peppers). I used fresh green onions from our garden in my recipe and never thought twice about it.

When I reposted the recipe on my blog, I didn't include anything about the green peppers because I only listed the fresh ingredients.

My friend, Audrey, called me yesterday and asked me to clarify whether it was green onions or green peppers. I told her we definitely made ours with green onions. But she called Lisa today and found out that the recipe was intended to be made with green PEPPERS. Whoops.

We love this marinara sauce. Had it tonight for dinner. (I do like to add more tomato paste to make it thicker.) But now I am very interested to try the original (green pepper) version.

I am also excited to try Audrey's favorite marinara recipe from the Ball Blue Book that uses Roma tomatoes and roasted red peppers.

Someone posted a comment asking if I add lemon juice or vinegar to the marinara sauce- nope. Audrey is going to call Utah State Extension to see if they will "approve" the recipe. (And they will probably recommend acidifying the recipe.)

I was actually going to make some marinara sauce today, but lucky for me, Steve took all of the tomatoes to Sonora Grill. So now I'm going to wait until I can trade a can of my green onion sauce with one of Audrey's green pepper sauce and see which version I will do this year.

And the picture of the peaches at the top. . . those peaches are from OUR peach tree! We planted it two years ago. Last year it produced 10 peaches. This year, we were able to harvest about 65. (Steve pulled another 20-30 off earlier this summer because he thought it was too overloaded.) If only the peaches would continue to grow exponentially like that year after year. . . !

UPDATE: The Extension Office said the recipe was safe, but a little heavy on the onions and peppers. They also said it is safe for pressure canning only, not water bathing. It should be processed at 13 lbs. for 25 minutes for quart size bottles.


@udj said...

Nothing like being held accountable on a blog to follow through with information. :) No worries, I'm good on my word, I'll let you know what I find out.

@udj said...

Following up: The county extension office is running the recipe through their electronic test and giving me a call back later today.