Be Careful What You Post Online. And a Contest. And a Halloween Party.

Last year, my neighbor was one of the speakers at the Utah Heritage Foundation Preservation Conference.

As he was being introduced, the master of ceremonies said, "I didn't really know much about Jed Platt, so I googled him to get some information to share with you."

Much to Jed's embarrassment, he had pulled up this lovely blog post from a couple of years ago.

Jed (at that point, a very red Jed) was introduced, among other things from my blog post, as our favorite neighbor and the beneficiary of my fun little contest.

. . . . . .

A couple of months ago, we had a neighborhood potluck dinner. I asked Jed if he would bring his big parachute that he had brought to a neighborhood barbecue a few years prior. He brought the parachute. And some awesome rockets that were launched sixty feet into the air. And he sat on the grass and supervised twenty-two kids for most of the evening.

I thanked him profusely and told him I owed him some tomatoes, caramel popcorn, or a date. He replied that he didn't know what to pick because they all sounded like good prizes.

I'm pretty sure that means he wants me to host another contest for him.

So, without further ado, I invite you all to participate in my new contest:

Win a Date with Jed Platt, Round 2

I'm going to review the reasons why you (or someone you know) would want to win a date with Jed. And then you need to leave a comment and let me know why you (or someone you know) should be the winner.

1. He is still a talented designer and devoted historian.
2. He still has an incredibly sweet mother.
3. He is no longer in his thirties, but mighty close.
4. He still throws impressive Halloween parties. (More on that in a second.)
5. He is still LDS, but instead of devoting his efforts on a Methodist church, he now spends his days working at the Christmas Box House.
6. He still does nice things for us, like show up at our door late at night with awesome toys for my kids, even though he moved down the street.
7. He still likes to eat at Sonora Grill. (Which may be part of the reason he doesn't complain about my matchmaking efforts.)

Like last time, please feel free to enter someone in the contest without their consent.

Jed and winner will enjoy a dinner for two at Sonora Grill. And I will add that the winner may be selected randomly or based on the responses given, depending on my mood for the day. This contest will close Sunday, October 23 at 12:00 midnight.

. . . . . .

Do you want to check Jed out, for yourself or someone else, without going on an official date?

Well, here's your chance.

Jed's famous Halloween party is tomorrow night. And this year, it's open to the public because he is hosting it as a fundraiser for the Ogden Christmas Box House.

P.S. Even if you aren't interested in a relationship with Jed, you should still come to the Halloween party. I will be there with my kids. . . and the money is going to a mighty good cause.


Jenny said...

I've got a sister in law. She's 33 and a good sport. I'm only going to ask her consent if she wins though. That's ok right?

emily ballard said...

Absolutely. But you ought to share some more info on your sister in law. . . as to why she should be the winner. . .

Min said...

I want in.

Jenny said...

Crap, well isn't the fact that I married her brother good enough? She has a job, her own car, great with kids and old people. She loves horses, and I'm pretty sure she loves mexican food. Oh and I believe she had her own 401k!

Jenny said...

Has a 401k. I typed this on my phone.

Peter and Laurel Poll said...

I want to nominate my best friend Shawna. She is super cute, just turned 30, owns her own home, works at the Huntsman Cancer institute, has 2 great Danes, loves the outdoors, great with kids, and has a sign in her kitchen that says "I kiss better than I cook" and she is a pretty good cook.

Leslie R. said...