Crazy Hair Day Repeat

Lucy's crazy hair from last year was such a hit that we went for a repeat:

Instead of using a plastic cup like last time, we tried a roll of toilet paper and a styrofoam cup. She said it didn't hurt this time and left it in all day, so I think the toilet paper is the way to go. She had enough hair leftover that we probably should have gone for two rolls of toilet paper.

Lucy was not in the mood for pictures, and I had to beg and plead to get these shots before she went to school.

After school was a completely different story.

Pretty sure she would have posed for me all day.


AngelaW said...

I am glad she posed for pics. They are great. She looks awesome.

Lori said...

that's freakin awesome.

INVITEme by Wendy said...

How do you do this? Awesome hair, no wonder it was a hit!