We generally go out to eat for our anniversary. Forage had been on our list to try for a long time. So a reservation was made.

I (somewhat sheepishly) took all of these photos with my phone and here is the full report:

Organic radish:

The "soil" was edible and tasty . . . but unidentifiable.

Soft scrambled egg with maple syrup and sherry cream:

Steve didn't like his; I happily ate it for him.

New potatoes and whey with greens and Great Salt Lake herbs:

One of the best courses. I kinda wanted to lick the plate.

Roasted chicken and bonito broth with cucumber roasted in spruce and little neck clam:

Unfortunately, we don't like clams. Or cooked cucumbers.

Pastured pork roasted over embers with carrots roasted in drippings and yoghurt:

Sadly there was only one carrot. I would have preferred a plate of five. Or seventy-five. That one measly carrot was absolutely amazing and enough to make me want to go back to forage again.

Northern Utah duck roasted with juniper, apples and beets, elderberries:

A perfect little meal. Perfectly perfect. I never knew I liked duck.

Unripe pear and sorrel with sparkling yogurt:

We quickly googled sorrel. It was ground up and frozen. And delicious. The sparkling yogurt was pretty cool too. This was probably my favorite course. It was the epitome of creative dining. The flavor, texture, and color were all perfect. It takes great talent to make a dish like this work.

Peach with fresh cheese and chrysanthemum:

I've had better peaches. And cheese. And I'm not really into eating chrysanthemums. Or maybe it was just overshadowed by the incredible pear dessert.

When you are served eight courses, you automatically become a food critic, out of necessity. Everything was really nice and we had a pleasant experience. Well-prepared dishes with distinct, savory flavors. A bit slow for our liking, but then again, we are used to doing five things at once. And we were sober.

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