How to get FREE toilet paper and batteries

(FREE after Staples Rewards)

1. Sign up for Staples Rewards. You can do this online or in the store. (It's free.)

2. Go to Staples.

3. Buy one pack of toilet paper ($5.99):

4. Buy two packs of these batteries ($9.99 each):

5. Before you pay, give the cashier this coupon.

6. Pay your total, which should be $22.66.

7. You will receive $19.98 back as Staples Rewards. Staples Rewards do have to be spent at Staples, but there are no rebate forms to fill out or submit.

Okay, it looks like the toilet paper and batteries will end up costing you $2.68, but that's pretty much free, right?

(Get 100% back Staples Rewards 16-Count Duracell AA or AAA batteries offer is valid 10/16/11 thru 10/29/11. Limit 2 packs per customer per week. In store only.)

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