The Juice of the Grapes

Earlier this year, Steve told me that he thought it was time for us to take our grape juice to a new level. Much like my Uncle James has done with his amazing apple cider, Steve thinks we need to find the perfect blend of grapes to use to make the perfect grape juice.

He thinks all jars of grape juice should be uniform in flavor (and color).

But I absolutely love this beautiful spectrum of purples and pinks.

So I had to tell him no.


The Ballard's said...

Agreed. I thought they looked so pretty on your counter, but I really like them all lined up like this. Beautiful. Anybody that can make that many different kinds of grape juice (and have them all be yummy) has ALREADY taken grape juice to a new level. Tell Steve, our dinner Saturday night was AMAZING!

i'm h.mac said...

we loved our grape juice you gave us! you are the master, thank you again. this picture is so so lovely, you are a women of many many talents!

MaRea Hess said...

It looks like you designed your grape juice for a photo shoot:)! Talent.....talent, my friend!

@udj said...

No kidding, they look beautiful. I did a few lugs of concords last week and my 18 quarts of dark purple look dull compared to yours.

Min said...

I have to agree with Steve. And I have to agree with you.
And I LOVE that picture.