Lucy Rocks

Every few months, there is an awards assembly at school. (There might be a defined schedule, but we're on our fourth year at this school, and I still haven't figured it out.)

Awards assemblies are great for the kids who receive awards. They aren't so great for the kids who don't receive anything. And they can be really hard on the sister (Lucy) of the girl who receives an award at almost every single assembly (Rachel).

So I wasn't too surprised when Lucy told me she wasn't feeling well this morning.

I was a little surprised when she came upstairs and showed me what she had made:

Is Lucy brimming with confidence?

Or did she create this to boost her damaged morale?
. . . .

Poor Lucy. Not only is she the middle child, but she's stuck in between an extremely bright older sister with OCD and a younger brother who receives all sorts of (mostly negative) attention. (I am working on that.) I clearly need to spend more time celebrating Lucy and her successes.

At the beginning of the school year, Lucy was selected as the first "Rockstar of the Week" in her class. You can see an image of the poster she filled out here.

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About: Lucy Ballard

10. I've been to 13 states.
9. I have 16 cousins and 1 is in my class.
8. I brok my collarbone when I was 2.
7. I've been in the newspaper.
6. I have a brother adopt from South Africa.
5. I have a niece.
4. I have a blog.
3. I've been on TV.
And the number 1 thing is. . .
I've been in Jenny Lake.

(And by in Jenny Lake, she means she fell off the boat dock into Jenny Lake. On a freezing cold, rainy day.)

Here is my version of the Top 10 Things you Should Know About Lucy Ballard

10. Lucy is definitely a morning person. She wakes up happy and pleasant. And when she is tired, she goes to bed. (What a concept.) We don't have to set an alarm in the morning; Lucy is always in our room at exactly 7:01 am.
9. Lucy has always enjoyed school, but this year is extra special because her cousin, Layla, is in her class. Lucy is very responsible with her homework. My sister-in-law was mentioning something about the assignment for Lucy's class and I had to admit, I never help her with her homework. She comes home from school, she does it, and she has me sign it. No reminding, no prodding, and no begging required.
8. Lucy bites her fingernails. Some people might think this is a bad thing, but as a mother who can't stand her children having long fingernails, it's just fine with me.
7. Lucy likes bugs. She also likes to kill bugs. When Rachel starts shrieking at the sight of a spider, Lucy moves in, ready to take care of business.
6. Lucy doesn't get cold. This makes me extremely jealous.
5. A few weeks ago, Lucy was working on her cursive handwriting. She had made herself a chart and was very diligently practicing each letter. I finally asked her if she was learning cursive in school, and she replied, "No. I just wanted to learn it."
4. Lucy is LOUD. (I have no idea where she got that from. Because Steve and I were both extremely shy, quiet children...) But Lucy has some serious self control. She always wins quiet contests and can be bribed to be quiet on long car rides. (A bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken will buy you four hours of silence.)
3. Lucy has always been our most easygoing child. She doesn't care about a lot of things and she doesn't complain. She doesn't compare cookies or other treats to see which one is bigger; she just happily eats the one you give her. And she doesn't know this, but her favorite colors have always been dictated by the least favorite colors of her older sister.
2. Lucy frequently makes really random comments that make me laugh. Like. . . "I wish our house were made out of gummy bears."
And the number 1 thing is. . .
Lucy is a peacemaker, just like her father. She always has been, and I hope she always will be.

Lucy rocks. And if I can find my very favorite video of her as a three-year-old explaining how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I will post it.

P.S. Rachel was very aware of Lucy's feelings today and kindly printed off this certificate for her:


Rachael said...

How sweet! Lucy sounds just like our Brooklyn, mild and sweet sandwiched between bigger personalities that suck all of the attention.

Mommy Named Meg said...

How sweet! Can I just say I love your family. I'm truly blessed to know you guys!

Stephanie said...

This is a great post. She'll look back on this with fondness when she's older. She really is a cute little girl! Praise to Rachel for being so compassionate and printing off such a thoughtful award. You have such great kids. You're a great mom!

Min said...

I never knew KFC could be so powerful.

I think she will love to read your list when she is older.

If you ever live in a gummy bear house, please, please invite me over. please.

Ryanne said...

That was an awesome post!