Millions of Peaches

Last Saturday was the magical day that we got to go pick peaches with my grandpa in Brigham City. We didn't think it was going to happen this year, so we were pleasantly surprised to receive the phone call.

My kitchen counter has been covered with ripening peaches for week now, and every time I look at them, I think of this song.

This weekend we canned peaches, dehydrated peaches, canned peach jam, dehydrated peach fruit leather, and made peach pies. I love peaches.

And I also love my grandpa. I am so thankful that his life has been preserved, yet another year, to instill and fortify the memories of this treasured tradition, and the many others; they will be cherished in our hearts forever.


Kayli said...

When I was in 3-4th grade we lived in Willard (right next to Brigham City) and had a peach orchard. We would just pick a peach on the way to the bus stop and eat it on the way to school (and get peach juice all over ourselves). Those peaches are divine. Awesome that you get to have some.

Tari said...

Yumm I want some! So just the other day Austin(my oldest) came home from school and insisted I download that song, I guess he listened to it at school. It makes me laugh he listens to the same stuff I did in high school. I labeled the new play list 'whats old is new again'

The Clawson"s said...

Yum! When I saw the title of your post I started singing. Love that song!

Mommy Named Meg said...

They look yummy. Peaches have got to be one of my favorite fruits.