Picture Randomness

Lucy drew this picture during church a month or so ago. Half of our row was laughing so Steve texted me to ask what she had drawn. I tried to inconspicuously take a quick picture to text back to him. . . and was a little embarrassed when the flash went off.

We have a new bishop in our ward; Steve and sleepy Brother B. still sit up on the stand as counselors.

Adam taught Kaleigh how to use the camera on my phone so he can have someone take pictures of him whenever he wants. This also means that I find hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Adam posing (and Kaleigh's face) on my phone.

It appears that Rachel had a few wounds. And she likes to label them:

Last month, Adam mysteriously fell off a barstool while watching cartoons and landed on his chin. Hard. I took him to the emergency room because he was acting really funny and then fell asleep and would not wake up. The CT scan was normal, but we were sent to the dentist for x-rays of his jaw. At first they (the dentist and oral surgeon) thought it was broken, but after a second round of pictures, decided the bone was fine, and that it was the tissue that had been damaged. He was on a "no-chew" diet for two weeks. . . which really only lasted five days.

Our dentist was bothered that the ER doctor hadn't addressed why he had fallen off the stool. It seemed out of character for him to fall asleep while watching cartoons, so we wondered if he might have syncope issues like me (and Rachel). And then one day I went back outside to see what was taking Adam so long to come in. Apparently, he was too tired to make it into the house and just went ahead and laid down on the longboard. Maybe he is a little short on sleep these days?

I had my six month post-op appointment and everything looks great. Adam was enthralled with the ultrasound machine and took plenty of pictures and videos to document the event. He thought the sound of my heart beating was something inside my body trying to get out. Thank goodness that's not the case.

Dr. Steppacher picked up and moved to Chicago, so I will now be following up with the surgeon who performed my second operation, Dr. Goodman. Dr. Steppacher just happened to be here long enough to help me. . .

In other surgery-related news, I just barely called and canceled my bladder surgery that was scheduled for next month. Having it done before the end of the calendar year seemed like the logical thing to do, since we have met our maximum out of pocket for the year. But I finally realized that my uneasiness about it was more than fear of another operation and recovery- it's not the right thing for our family right now.

I feel like a burden has been lifted and am now looking forward to the holidays, ski season, and maybe even a half-marathon in May. . . we'll see. My decision was confirmed when Rachel overheard me telling someone I wasn't going to do it anymore. "You're having surgery again?" Her face was filled with despair and she instantaneously had tears in her eyes. As wonderful as everyone was to help take care of everything while I was out of commission, I think my kids need me right now.

Steve and Adam got matching tattoos at Vinto Pizzeria to go with their matching Carhartts. It took us a while to finally go to Vinto, but it did not disappoint. The kids' pizza was the best deal; if we lived closer we would be stopping by much more frequently. I think we should have some temporary tattoos made with Sonora Grill's logo. Would you let your kids wear one?

Adam has a new responsibility chart. He happily wakes up and gets dressed and makes his bed, among other things. Sometimes, he goes ahead and gives himself an extra magnet for things he deems worthy of acknowledgement. So far, he has earned a toy from the dollar store, a trip to the dinosaur park, and bumper cars at Fat Cats.

When it's only a dollar, everyone gets a toy.

Rachel and Lucy are absolutely fascinated with the mural going up on 23rd and Washington. (It is pretty amazing.) We've been by a few times to watch the artist paint. She is a super nice lady and always says, "Come see me again." So now Rachel is just sure that we are obligated to keep going back to see the progress.

We went and cleaned out our two plots at the Oasis Community Garden. Apologies to the gardeners whose neighboring plots were compromised by our 33-foot long spaghetti squash plant.

It's kind of sad to say goodbye to the garden for the year.

My cousin, Ben, got married last Saturday, and we went to Logan for the ring ceremony and wedding lunch. Kaleigh wasn't feeling well, but she perked up as soon as the dancing started. . . and then got ornery as soon as I tried to take a picture. Typical.

We've eaten tin foil dinners three times in the last week or two. My kids get really excited for them and I end up with very few dirty dishes to wash. I use a pot to pre-cook the potatoes, but that's about it. It does make me wish we had a fire pit out back. . . Someday, someday.

It made me smile to see the way Steve labeled this bag of dehydrated peaches. They really might be "The Best Ever". Steve recently informed me that although I introduced him to dehydrating, he is now the expert in our family.

Fine with me.


Julee said...

I have to agree with Steve, those peaches every year are amazing! I especially like them dehydrated. I remember sharing a few with you at church when we were both pregnant. Fun times! Sorry we couldn't visit the other day~ life is crazy around here, I'm already looking forward to summer.

Min said...

I've never had dehydrated peaches . . .

Min said...

I'm not a promoter of tattoos, fake or otherwise - though when Richard Paul Evans's crew slaped one on my arm without me realizing it and it stayed on for 4 weeks (with 28 showerings) I got kinda attached to it . . . course it was a lightening bolt, not a company logo . . . but I also don't own carhartts so maybe that makes a difference.

Mommy Named Meg said...

Emily you inspire me. I really need to start taking pictures more often. I love doing it, but I always forget to take my camera with me. If only I had a phone with a good camera, because I never forget that.