Summer Wrap-up

Last Friday we went to Pineview Reservoir with some friends and neighbors to soak in the end of summer. The temperature was abnormally hot, and we had a great time. Like one mom said, "I kind of feel like we should have been doing this all summer."

School has started, Labor Day has passed, the harvest is on, and the days are getting noticeably shorter.

Summer 2011 is, emphatically, over.

Time to evaluate how we did on our list of 25 Things to Do this Summer:

X Beus Pond
X Bike Ride
X Lorin Farr Pool
Lemonade Stand
Pick Raspberries at Uncle Ray's
Ride Horses
X Swimming at Berghout's
X Farmers Market (I am counting Oasis Market)
X Neighborhood BBQ

Twenty-one out of twenty-five. . . not bad. I've already picked out a design for a lemonade stand that should get plenty of use next summer. And even though it's sad to see our tradition of picking raspberries at Uncle Ray's house come to an end, we now have access to the gigantic patch at my parents' new spread in Idaho. We went to visit for the first time over General Conference weekend:

Yeah, I think we have raspberries covered. And we can live without riding horses. . . but what?!? NO CAMPING? This has got to be the first summer our kids haven't gone camping. (Steve and I did go without them.) Maybe we need to figure out a weekend to fit in a fall camping trip.

Goodbye summer. . .


Mommy Named Meg said...

Usually I'd be depressed about the end of Summer, but without an air conditioner this year, Summer was a rough season for me. Not looking forward to Winter, but this cooler weather and it staying dark in the mornings sure is nice.

The Clawson"s said...

Emily your parents must have bought my sister-in-laws house in Clifton. I recognize that barn. Kristy (my sis in law) has had a great garden at that house. I know that's one thing that made her sad to move. The peach and nectarine trees have been prolific! And the berries have been fabulous this year she said. I think they've been harvesting a lot when your parents have been away. Anyway I'm so happy to see it go to a great new family! Yeah for fun gardens!

i'm h.mac said...

so sad we mised our pineview day with fun friends. BOO to the stomach flu, which myself and ella are now taking a turn with. and the best part of my summer was NOT camping but having a lot of backyard dinner in the fire,roasting marshmallows, and sleeping in my own bed. why one night we accidentally left our bedroom window open and the cherry wood we were burning left a delightful smell thru the whole house we enjoyed for months. glad you had fun, and oh my, those raspberries!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you put together the Pineview get together when you did. Sitting here in my house with my heat on it's hard to believe that less than a week ago we were sitting on the beach SWEATING! Thanks for planning such fun activities :-)

I'm very excited about the huge raspberry patch at mom and dad's too! That's funny that the house belonged to the family members of someone you know! Small small world.

Min said...

I was definitely surprised to see camping not marked off. But, you always have next year.