jr. jazz basketball practice. flu shots. maggie's birthday party. the zookeeper. dinosaur park. jamba juice. 4th street park. sheet forts. cousin sleepover. piano practicing. ogden river parkway bike ride. kayak park playground. picnic lunch. basketball with uncle dave. shaving cream baths. lego towers. staying up late and sleeping in. the smurfs. costa vida. mckay birthday party extravaganza. grape picking. grape juicing. caprese salad. book reading. book report writing. spoon me. church. stuffed peppers. baked potatoes. snickers salad. pumpkin bars. halloween decorations.

and tomorrow morning, it's back to real life.

p.s. we don't usually enjoy so many fun treats and activities, but i was trying to use up my coupons from my entertainment books. somehow I ended up with five.

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