We Have a Winner

Thanks to everyone who officially entered the Win a Date with Jed Platt contest by commenting on my blog (and to those who unofficially entered by sending me private messages).

It sounds like you know some great ladies who definitely deserve a date. . . but an entry like this is hard to beat:

Congratulations, Leslie! You just won a date with Jed Platt.

P.S. I have to admit: I have an ulterior motive in setting Jed up on dates. Once he called to see if I was home because he had something really important to give me. "A wedding announcement?" I facetiously asked. He laughed. And then he told me that when he finally gets married, I will be delivered a hand-chiseled announcement. Like most of you, I've never seen a hand-chiseled wedding announcement. And not only am I curious to see how he pulls it off, I'm super excited to receive one someday.

1 comment:

Leslie R. said...

A half hour in Photoshop well spent.