One of my favorite words in Adam's vocabulary is his made-up word, amn't.

It's a contraction of the words am not, and he pronounces it more like am-mit. (A bit more sophisticated than ain't.)

And he uses it a lot. For example. . .

Me: You sure look cute in your suit, Adam.
Adam: I amn't cute! I'm handsome!

My friend, Kristin Wilkerson, took the picture of Adam after she photographed my cousin's wedding. The other kids weren't smiling or looking at the camera, so they all got cropped out. (That'll teach 'em.)

P.S. I was hopeful that Adam would behave better once he started wearing a suit. So far, that hasn't really worked out.

At least he's charming.


Stephanie said...


You make me laugh so hard all the time. I love your (snarky remarks) and how fun loving you are. Thank for making my day start better than my screaming kids!

Rachael said...

Oh, I love amn't. He looks so handsome!

Jenny said...

Mine use that one too. Holden didn't replace it until he hit third grade.

emily ballard said...

Snarky??? Yikes, Stephanie, I better work on that! I wonder what you would think of me if you read my first drafts. . . I almost always have to go through what I've typed and delete the parts that are rude. Sounds like I must have missed some.

Stephanie said...

Maybe snarky was the wrong word to use. I thought it meant more like funny/witty, instead it means testy and irritable:) I just love your hilarious thoughts put into ()'s! As for what I'd think of you before the editing, I'm sure I'd love you just as much! Maybe more because you're just so funny! :)