The End of an Era and the First Official Ballard Girls' Night

It is with great sadness that I announce that Craft Day is over. Gone forever.

In reality, it has been over for a while now. I was just in denial and couldn't admit it.

Craft Day began soon after we moved to Ogden, some four years ago. Rachel and Lucy were ecstatic to live close to their Ballard cousins and asked if they could play with them. Every single day. I didn't want to annoy Angie with their incessant requets, so we designated one day of the week to get together and play. And thus, Craft Day was born.

At first, we actually made crafts on Wednesdays. But then we started integrating get-out-of-the-house adventures into Craft Day, and we had to switch to Tuesdays. (Angie needed a day to recover from Craft Day before she had to go back to work.)

For three years, our allegiance to Craft Day was impressive. We both went to great lengths to schedule our other activities and obligations around it.

I think the first official Craft Day may have been Webkinz lessons. (Just kidding.) I wish I had a complete, comprehensive list, but this is what I pulled up via blogs. (Thank you, Angie, for convincing me to start a blog so I have documentation of so many of these activities and thank you for documenting so many others yourself.)

Here's what I found: a life-changing trip to Antelope Island, swimming, going to the Weber County Fair, more swimming, a lemonade stand, painting plaster of paris animals, picking tomatoes and digging for potatoes, playing with beads, going to Beverly Hill Chihuahua and an impromptu talent show, making caramel apples, making gingerbread cookies, making reindeer, going sledding, making robots, making bouncy balls (Lucy's all-time favorite Craft Day), indoor swimming, going to a 3D movie at the Clark Planetarium, Snow Day (playing with shaving cream and dipping pretzels), making crepes, lots of kickball games, a bike ride down the Ogden Parkway, going to the Horse Parade and Painted Horses on 25th Street, making Foamerators, epic trip to Minnetonka Cave, La Beau's, and sailboating at Bear Lake, Antelope Island, Round 2 (more info on Antelope Island here), making quacking ducks, shucking corn, making slime, treasure hunts, going on a hike and painting pumpkins, iFLY, dipping pretzels, going to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Dew Tour, going to the Treehouse Museum, making Valentine iPods, going to The Conference Center, bowling, more swimming, Children's Parade & the Farmers Market, Pioneer Days Rodeo, Pickleball Lessons, and Kool-Aid Tie Dying.

But then we became negligent. Unintentionally. Suddenly there were five kids in school and fivekids with homework. (When we first started Craft Day, Gracie was the only one in school.) We modified our schedule and switched from weekly to twice a month. We were also trying to fit in piano lessons, dance classes, birthday parties, Activity Days, Scouts, softball, baseball, wrestling, tennis, farmers markets, and basketball.

We made dioramas and Ojos de Dios, tennis ball people for Grandma Gloria's birthday, and butter and boats for Thanksgiving. We went toDiscovery Gateway and Temple Square, sledding, and drove to Heber to see the Midway Ice Castles.

I was out of commission for a few months and Angie's work schedule changed. But we loved Craft Day, so we tried to resurrect it with glass etching, bike decorating, and a trip to Pioneer Village. We went to things like the Horse and Hitch Parade, the Archery World Cup, the Rodeo, and we played in the sprinklers and got snowcones.

Leslie moved to Ogden with her kids and we tried to keep the Craft Day tradition with a few more activities: making ice cream and duct tape flip flops. Craft Day was, after all, one of the things we used to lure her here to Utah.

Craft Days kept getting canceled. And then we had this great Learning Circle discussion on traditions and I had an epiphany. Craft Day had served its purpose. And it was over.

. . . . .

There is some good news. Craft Day has been replaced. Let me introduce you to Ballard Girls' Night. Once a month. Girls only. (Sorry boys.) And since it only involves the older kids, adult participation is optional. (I didn't give much notice for this first one, so I was the only adult on Saturday night.)

We went to the Weber State vs. BYU women's basketball game at the Dee Events Center.

The girls hung out with Waldo the Wildcat:

They were caught on camera, up on the JumboTron, but I was one second too late snapping a picture of it:

They hiked up to the very top row of seats to see what the court looked like from up there. And then they took a lap around the entire rim stadium. They screamed and cheered. Gracie caught a t-shirt. And they even watched most of the basketball game. (Rachel says practically all of the basketball game.)

Just like the Craft Days of old, it was perfect. Watch for more exciting Girls' Night activities in the future. . .


Bridgett said...

I actually witnessed the wonder of craft day. Sorry it had to end, but this looks like a fun replacement. You're a fun mom.

Anonymous said...

Emily - I need your help for Bessie Wray's 85th birthday party on Dec 23rd. I want to make Sangria and was wondering if you had a recipe to make a non-alcoholic version. Please email me or contact me on facebook. Thanks, Martha Gardner
PS. If you do not get a response from me please send it to Liz too.