Halloween a.k.a. One Big Non-Stop Party

For Halloween this year, we had Rachel and Lucy as Thing 1 and Thing 2:

Adam as Captain America:

Kaleigh, the bumblebee:

And Derrick, the gangster:

(Not really.) Derrick's been sporting this look for about a week now. He spent six years trying to grow his hair out long enough to be braided into cornrows. And he finally made it, just in time for Halloween. His boss and co-workers at the hospital didn't recognize him and thought he was a temp. He said it hurt so bad that he couldn't sleep the first night.

Halloween has somehow morphed into a month-long celebration brimming with heaps of candy and treats. And we happily partook of as many festivities we could. We started out by attending Jed's Halloween Carnival a couple of weeks ago. The kids played all sorts of amusing games (the mummy wrap is still their favorite), looked at all of the fun decorations (he has quite a collection), and had some walking tacos for dinner. It also served as a great trial run for our costumes. (I learned that it's a bad idea to dress as a cowboy and wear your husband's size 13 cowboy boots.)

On Friday night, we went to our ward's Chili Cook-off and then quickly hurried out to North Ogden to catch the tail end of the trunk-or-treat for Richard & Gloria's ward.

Saturday was the fun party at Dalton & Holly Jones' house. Holly is a great party planner. She doesn't leave anything out, and we felt pretty lucky to be on the invite list. The kids decorated cookies and made "ghost suckers" and "mummy candy bars". They touched intestines (spaghetti), hearts (peeled tomatoes), a brain (cauliflower), eyeballs (peeled grapes), and a leg bone (giant bone). There was root beer with dry ice, elk chili, and giant bowls of all sorts of candy. Seriously. She doesn't leave anything out. The highlight was definitely roasting marshmallows and making s'mores.

On our way home, we drove by a trunk-or-treat in process at Burger King. The kids convinced me to stop, and within 45 seconds of arriving, Rachel and Lucy were declared the costume contest winners. They won a gift card to Burger King, a free pizza from Papa Murphy's pizza, and free ice cream cones for everyone. Parents were coming up to them and asking if they could take pictures of their little toddlers with them.

At that point, I wondered if maybe we had a shot to win the costume contest at the Halloween Spooktacular at the Dinosaur Park. Despite our best efforts, we've never won. . . but Fred and India cleaned house last year and walked away with the coveted prizes. We payed our entrance fees and ran around to a few of the advertising/trick-or-treating tables. (I'm not sure why the people at the dinosaur park think we want to pay to be attacked by Scentsy ladies and Herbalife salesmen. I would actually rather NOT get the piece of candy.)

As soon as the costume parade started, they announced, "This year, we are going to do things differently. Instead of cheering and pulling out your favorites, everyone gets a prize!" Blast. The only reason we went was to win the costume contest. I guess that's what we get for being greedy. (The exciting prize was a coupon for a free cup of hot chocolate from the Cafe. . . where they also sell scones and other food items. Another advertising ploy.) Needless to say, this is the last year we will go to the Halloween Spooktacular.

And then it was finally "real Halloween". We started out with the 1st Annual Jefferson Avenue Halloween Parade. This shows all of the kids except for Shai and the Trahers, just before we started the parade from the Loosli's house:

I think we should add a costume contest to our neighborhood parade for next year. Ashlun and his excavator costume definitely would have won.

David Linton patiently waited for the parade to begin. He was our only spectator and gave candy to all of the kids.

After the parade, the kids played games on the grass, took turns trying on Ashlun's costume, and posed for more pictures.

When's the last time you've played Red Rover?

Saren made some delicious black bean soup so we could eat some real food before all of the candy:

And then we were off to the Jackson & Eccles Park Trunk-or-Treat. Somehow we also fit in trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, hot chocolate at Sonora Grill, and Ashton's long-awaited spook alley. In the middle of all of that, Lucy turned to me and declared, "This is like one big, non-stop party!!!"

Yes. it. was.


Stephanie said...

Where did you get their hair? I love them. Cute!

emily ballard said...

I ordered the blue wigs on amazon.

Rebecca said...

Very cute pics!

Ryanne said...

Your Halloween looked great! I love the girl's costumes.

Min said...

I think Jed will mourn that he was not around for this. He misses that neighborhood.