I Guess I Need to Start Cleaning My House

Rachel walked into my bedroom the other night, quickly scanned across the baskets of folded laundry that needed to be put away, the various stacks of things on my nightstand and dresser, Steve's socks and shoes strewn across the floor, etc. And then she says, "Well, I guess I didn't get my OCD from you."

We dropped Rachel's friend off after basketball practice the other night. All of the lights were on in their house and the curtains were open. As we pulled out of the driveway, I said something about them being on display and Rachel quipped back, "Well their house is clean." (And then she proceeded to question me as to why their house is cleaner than ours.)

I think my favorite is when Rachel groaned and then very seriously asked me, "Do you think I'm going to have to go over to Lucy's house and clean up after her when she's a mom?"

. . . . .

Lest you think the picture of the pigs is a photo I stole off of Google Images, it is not. This is the first public introduction of "Sonora Grill's" pigs. (I will take a better picture when I am formally introduced to them.)

Thankfully, the pigs do not live at our house and I am not their caretaker. They are technically Dalton's pigs and they live in the valley where they are fed scraps from the best restaurant in town. (Lucky pigs.) And apparently, they like to escape, Houdini-style, and tear through the fields for some exercise. I wish I could get some pictures of that because I never knew that pigs could jump.

PLEASE NOTE: These pigs WILL NOT be served at Sonora Grill. EVER. They are part of our continued efforts to reduce waste and decrease our environmental impact on our community. And it's cool to have a pig. Especially when you aren't the one taking care of it.


blakeandcourt said...

Love the pigs. I have always had a soft spot for them. A neighbor girl has a pet pig and Brooke and I always go over to play with it when she has it outside, yep, it's an indoor pig.

Mrs B said...

Guess who just acquired 3 pigs, to no fault of her own? Yep, me. Luckily I don't (won't) take care of them so when they become bacon I might actually be able to eat them.