I Love the World Wide Web - And Now My Kids Don't Have Clean Clothes To Wear Tomorrow

Back in 1994, my dad taught a high school class called The World Wide Web. My dad has always been a forward thinker, and I am guessing that his was one of the earliest classes of its kind. So progressive, especially for a tiny farming community like Hyrum, Utah.

And I still believe that I was probably one of the first people to "chat" online. My dad figured out how to search and connect with other people who were on the World Wide Web, and I spent quite a few Sunday evenings asking people (mostly middle-aged men) if they would like to talk to me. That sure seems creepy now. (I was in the eighth grade.)

I would love to see some of my dad's class lessons and read what the World Wide Web was thought to be/expected to become seventeen years ago. (If this is making you nostalgic, and you miss hearing the old internet dial-up noises, click here.)

Dad, if you still have if you can find anything from that class, that's what I would like for Christmas.

I rely on the internet for so many things: banking, cooking, shopping, diagnosing illnesses, and learning how to do things all sorts of things. (Like type words that are crossed out.) The internet is absolutely amazing and my life would be drastically different without it.

The internet is also my very favorite source for entertainment. Facebook, blogs, Pandora, Pinterest, Netflix, Hulu. (Has everyone discovered Spotify?)

I am generally able to exhibit an appropriate level of self control when it comes to spending time online and on Facebook, but I didn't do very well this morning.

My neighbor posted this picture of a "Cycle Up" table on the side of a street:

So I went to the website and discovered, not only the PIT IN desk from Japan, but also inhabitat.com.

Pretty soon I was learning about Germany's Roller Coaster Walkway, created by sculptors, Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter:

I guess now I have a reason to go to Germany someday. While I'm there I will go check out the green roof that is planned to cover the A7 motorway that connects Germany to Scandinavia.

Lots of other green roofs and really cool buildings to check out on that website.

I was ready to return to my morning chores of dishes/laundry/make beds when my friend posted about this funny blog that she reads called Rants from Mommyland. Today's post called Mommy Has a First World Problem is hilarious.

And for the record, in our family it's "Daddy" who has all sorts of first world problems:

Having to unwrap the dishwasher tabs before putting them into the dishwasher. (He seriously asked me to go through and unwrap all of them so, in the rare occasion that he starts a load of dishes, he doesn't have to go to the effort of opening one himself.)

And who wants to go to the effort of grinding fresh pepper? That's way too much work.

Funny Steve.

I'll have to think what sort of first world problems I have. . . ?

Facebook is clearly one of them, at least for today.

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Rachael said...

Ha! I love the first world problems. I've got lots of those! My recent issue is that we have too much food in the house and I can't find places to put it all in the kitchen cabinets. ;)