Last Sunday at the Spiral Jetty

Last Sunday at the Spiral Jetty, the sky was sunny and temperatures were in the 60s.

(This Sunday in Ogden, there is snow on the ground and temperatures are in the 30s.)

We have made two previous trips to the Spiral Jetty. Once in September of 2007 and again in November of 2009 (seen here and here). Never have we been when the water level been so high.

The jetty was constructed at a water level of 4195; last Sunday the water level was 4196.8 feet. (Current water levels can be checked at this link.)

Some kids did all they could to stay dry:

Some were less cautious and did all they could to get wet:

It was a completely different experience with all of that water, but the Spiral Jetty is always intriguing. Always captivating. Always an incredible adventure.

I finally talked Lucy into getting out of the water. I was plenty cold, but she would have stayed in all day.

Rain boots and jeans were clearly the wrong choice of attire. We would have been better off with swimming suits and Chacos.

Steve made hot chocolate on the camp stove; it was perfect.

Check out all of that salt on Oliver's face? (Or is that Silas?)

Glad I was able to talk my fun neighbors into going with me and taking some of these great pictures:

You can read Saren's version of our trip here.

And if YOU want to go to the Spiral Jetty:

Call me. I'm usually up for an adventure.

The road out to the Spiral Jetty has been greatly improved. Any car should be able to reach it just fine, but the trip will leave your vehicle a bit salty.

Directions can be found using Google Maps by entering Rozel Point as your destination.

More detailed (mostly accurate) directions can be found here. (The general directions are correct, but some of the mileage measurements are off.)

There is no cell phone service for the last 10-15 miles as you are approaching the Spiral Jetty.

A bathroom stop at the Golden Spike Monument Visitor Center is recommended.

The End.


Kayli said...

Wow! Really really cool pictures. This is now on my to-do (to-go? to-see?) list when I get back to the US someday.

Rebecca said...

The 11th photo from the end...the silloutte of the three people walking on the rocks is one of my all time favorite pictures EVER!!! LOVE love love love love.

Molly said...

:( cool pics. i'm in next time FOR SURE. which do you prefer? high water or low?

emily ballard said...

Low water: feels like you are on another planet, walking on spiral not really required, easier for younger kids.

High water: creates a (fun) challenge to make it out to the middle of the spiral, requires much more parental supervision, makes for neat photos.

I'd really like to go out there when the water level is right at 4195.