The Magic of a Toaster Oven

I bought a toaster oven yesterday because we have wanted one for ten years now. And there was a $20 instant rebate on the Cuisinart model I saw at Costco.

We've only owned it for one day and I'm already thoroughly pleased with my purchase. Maybe even a little giddy.

No more soggy microwaved pizza and other leftovers. And no more impatiently waiting for the oven range to heat up. But the real magic of the toaster oven is that Rachel can use it. She is currently enthralled with cooking, but letting her use the oven range frightens me. (I think it frightens her too.) The toaster oven is perfect.

For lunch today, she made herself a grilled cheese sandwich with havarti cheese and pesto. (The pesto was made with purple basil; that's why it looks so unappetizing.)

She was so pleased with herself that she went ahead and took some pictures of her creation with my phone. Ten pictures, to be exact.

I love toaster ovens. I love havarti cheese. I love it when people take pictures of food they have prepared. (Except when my husband bakes himself a chocolate bundt cake when I'm in the hospital and thinks it's appropriate to send a picture of said chocolate cake to wife in hospital.) And I love eight year olds. Especially mine.


Rebecca said...

I wish I knew how much you like toaster ovens. I have a nice one that sits in my cabinet unused. Maybe I will be inspired to pull it out and use it after reading your post...

Stephanie said...

Randy has wanted one for about 10 years now too. He would love this post. Keilie would, too. She's in love with making things on her own. She's got quesadillas and nachos down to an art in the micro. She knows it take only 27 seconds to make nachos. 3 seconds more is too much!

Min said...

Toaster Ovens are great (but it has to be a GOOD one). I finally got one 5 years ago (wanted one for 25 years!). It changed my life. Sadly it is currently in storage and life is difficult without it. Very difficult. I'm so glad you are enjoying yours.

Judy Chivers said...

I also have debated about getting a toaster oven but finding the counter space may be the problem. I will measure and re-arrange all my counter needs. Because I live alone now I think a toaster oven would be a plus for me.