A Magical Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening lessons rarely work out so perfectly at our house. Especially when Steve is gone. And I know a successful FHE probably has more to do with the stars being aligned than the actual lesson itself, but I thought I'd share last week's lesson anyway.

How can we talk to Heavenly Father while we are on the earth? (Pray.)
Prayer is what we are going to talk about tonight.

I am so thankful that we can pray to Heavenly Father, He always listens. It makes me happy to know He is there and cares about me.

How do we get ready to pray? (Fold arms, bow our heads, and close our eyes.)

What is the first thing we say after we begin with Father in Heaven/Dear Heavenly Father? (Give thanks.)

Why? (It lets Him know we are grateful for all he has given us.)

What is next? (We ask for help or for what we or our family or loved ones need.)

How do we end our prayer? (In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.)

I am going to tell you a story about Daniel, found in the Bible.

King Darius chose one hundred and twenty princes to rule his kingdom. Daniel was a good man and he was the king's favorite. He made three presidents over the princes and Daniel was the first of the three presidents.

The other presidents and princes were jealous (that means they didn't like him) of Daniel. They tried to find a reason to complain to the king about him, but they could not. Daniel was obedient and did nothing wrong.

The other princes finally came up with a plan to get Daniel in trouble. They knew Daniel worshiped God and prayed every day. They went to King Darius and asked him to sign a law that for the next 30 days no one could pray or ask any favor of God or man, except the king. Anyone who disobeyed the law would be thrown into a den of lions. King Darius signed the law.

Daniel heard about the law, but that did not stop him from praying to Heavenly Father. He prayed three times a day in his home like he had done before. He knelt by the window and gave thanks to God. He loved his Heavenly Father very much and knew he needed his spirit with him.

The jealous rulers watched and saw Daniel praying. They went to the king and told on Daniel and reminded him about the law. The king was angry with himself for signing the law.

He tried to find a way to change the law because he loved Daniel and did not want him killed by the lions. But once a king signed the law, it could not be changed.

Daniel was thrown into the lion's den. (Have the children talk about how scary that would be and let young children growl like a lion.) The king said to Daniel, "Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee." (Daniel 6:16)

The king fasted (didn't eat) that night and could not sleep. Early in the morning, he arose and hurried to the den of lions. He cried out and asked Daniel if his God saved him from the lions.

From within the den came Daniel's voice, "My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lions' mouth, that they have not hurt me." (Daniel 6: 22) (Talk about the angel and let young children pretend to be a lion that growled but then the angel shut its mouth.)

The king was so happy and told everyone in his kingdom that Daniel's God was the true and living God.

Why did Daniel pray when he knew he would get in trouble? (He loved his Heavenly Father and it was a commandment to pray.)

Did Heavenly Father listen to Daniel? (Yes.) How do we know? (He sent an angel to shut the lions' mouths.)

Does Heavenly Father listen to your prayers? (Yes. Share examples.)

The Lord loved Daniel and he loves all his children just the same. He strengthens us when we make good choices and forgives us when we repent for making bad choices. He is always there for us.

. . . . .

The plan was to immediately drive to Deseret Book and let each child get one of these cute little lions to remind them to pray. And that being tired or in a hurry isn't a good excuse not to pray- Daniel prayed even though he was going to be thrown in a den of lions.

But then we found out that Deseret Book closes at 7:00 pm on Mondays. So the kids had to wait until the next day to get their lions.

So far, the lions have been extremely effective at reminding the kids to pray and reminding me that every once in a while, the heavens will open and your kids will be reverent and learn something from Family Home Evening.

P.S. The lions are only $6.95 and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Chapters of Hope. Rachel is absolutely in love with Zulie the Zebra. Can anyone think of a lesson that goes along with zebras?? (Not Noah's ark. . . I don't want to have to buy two of each animal.)


MaRea Hess said...

So cute, if I get a lion my prayers might increase too:)!

Mommy Named Meg said...

What a cute idea! The lions are adorable too!

BTW perhaps you can do something with the zebra by pointing out that every zebra has different stripes. No two Zebras have the same set of stripes just like Heavenly Father created each of us individually and we're just as unique. It's okay to be different because Heavenly Father knows our stripes. Kind of a lame idea I guess, but maybe it works?

emily ballard said...

Good idea, Meghan :)

Anonymous said...

Remember when Adam was at our house on Wednesday while the girls went to the Treehouse? I made lunch for him and Madey and asked them to sit at the table. Madey sat down and quickly began to take a bite out of her sandwich. Adam stopped her and said, "Wait! We forgot to have prayer! Since I'm the guest, can I say it??" And he proceeded to give the blessing on their peanut butter and honey. It was SO cute!! I had been meaning to tell you how proud I was of him for reminding us to pray.

Good job, Mama, the lesson meant something to him :)


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