NaBloPoMo 2011

I am going to attempt to keep up with NaBloPoMo this year. We'll see how well I do.

I have all sorts of great pictures I need to post from Halloween and our Sunday drive out to the Spiral Jetty, but today hasn't worked out quite as planned, so they will have to wait until tomorrow. It turns out that I don't need any of the writing prompts provided by BlogHer for NaBloPoMo; I have enough thoughts and ideas to last a lifetime.

Here's my random list for today:

-Lucy stayed home sick again today. But this time, it was legitimate. She lost her voice yesterday and threw up (just a little) last night. The worst part is that after I carried her up the steep stairs of our neighbor's basement, calmed her down, and gathered the other kids (and their costumes) to go home, I realized that I forgot to clean it up. My neighbor is way too kind and told me she would take care of it.

-I accidentally deleted an important "note" on my phone when I synced it to my computer this afternoon. (My continuously updated "Must Do" list that I am totally dependent upon.) I spent two hours trying to recover it, and even Steve's efforts were fruitless. I feel strangely lost without it and don't know what to do with myself. If I am supposed to be doing something for you, (or with you. . . I also lost some information on my calendar) I may need a little reminder.

-The first day of November means that I had all of the kids pull out their coats, snow pants and boots. They took turns trying everything on to evaluate what we need for winter, which is going to hit Ogden this weekend. (I'm okay with the dropping temperatures now that Halloween is over.) I like this list of winter outerwear by Design Mom.

-Within the last four days, I have ripped holes in all four pairs of my jeans. I wear jeans every single day, so this is a problem. (Technically, Adam ripped one hole and my phone wore a hole through one of the other pairs.) If you see me around town wearing dress pants or skirts, just pretend that I've turned into a lady.

-I publicly admitted to shaving Rachel and Lucy's legs every couple of months on this popular blog on a post about girls' self image. I defended myself by saying that my daughters have never wanted to wear makeup or dress "older", they just don't like hairy legs. I also added that they are being taught that the way you treat people is more important than the way you look. The very next morning, I woke up with a huge pimple. Rachel looked at me and asked, in complete seriousness, "Are you really going to go to the party with that on your forehead?"

-We officially survived as a one-car family for two months. Steve did some negotiating with me, and we agreed that if he rode his bike to work until Halloween, he could earn an iPad. We did purchase a Honda Element for Sonora Grill/Steve/the chef a couple of weeks ago, but Steve followed the rules and had Courtney keep it at his house. Steve is riding his bike to pick up the Element this very minute and should have his coveted and long-anticipated iPad by the weekend. I have to add that Steve also lost twenty pounds. And I haven't had to pay one parking ticket in two months (a record for Steve). It turns out riding a bike has all sorts of benefits.

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