Remembering Summer: Amy Jo Photography

When we went to Vernal this summer, we met up with a friend from high school, Amy Jo Photography, for some pictures of the kiddos. Amy Jo lives in Houston, but, lucky for me, she comes back home to Utah every once in a while. We drove clear up Dry Fork Canyon in search of some Vernal-esque landscape and ended up on a beautiful hiking trail.

My very favorite shots are these ones of Kaleigh, which is ironic because she was exceptionally ornery and completely uncooperative. I am absolutely amazed that Amy Jo was able to get anything out of her. Having pictures taken immediately after arriving via a long car drive, made even longer from road construction, was a bad idea. Please learn from my mistake.

Adam was a good little picture-poser, when he wasn't distracted by sticks, bugs, rocks, etc. Rachel and Lucy think his haircut in these pictures is hilarious. His hair before the haircut would have been even funnier.

And what can I say about Lucy? She would pose for pictures all day.

Rachel was determined not to expose her teeth. Poor girl.

And this was the only group shot we got while Kaleigh was still smiling. We had this picture printed as a 16x20; Steve smiles every single time he walks by it.

We marched out of those woods seconds before a tumultuous rainstorm hit. Tumultuous was the first word that came to my mind to describe that rain. It was wild.

I absolutely love photographers that offer high resolution images with print release on a cd. And I've never seen any as classy as hers:

Thanks, Amy Jo!


Stephanie said...

Those do look great. I love the picture of them marching out of the woods. How beautiful. Your kids are so beautiful!!!

Molly said...

um... can you please ask amy jo where she gets those darling cases!?