Sleepy Adam = Sick Adam

Adam fell asleep in his chair before bedtime. I had to wake him up for a bath because he is a stinky boy.

He laid right down in the tub and fell asleep. Like for real asleep.

He woke up this morning and threw up. Good boy, he made it to the toilet.

And then he laid right down on my bathroom floor and went back to sleep.

Poor little boy had to miss his very favorite day of preschool: Double Trouble Day.

The boy seems to be sick a lot. Probably because I didn't breastfeed him long enough.


Mindy said...

Poor little guy! Maybe he had a Halloween Hangover?

Stephanie said...

He looks so tall to be so young! How sad. I hate kids being sick. It's just wrong when they're that tired!

Mommy Named Meg said...

I'm sure it's not because you didn't breastfeed him "long enough" I have healthy kids and I never breastfed Luke and Samantha only got it for a week. Hope Adam gets well soon. Poor kid.

Joanie said...

I breastfed Dylan for year and he still gets sick a lot lately. I blame it on the fact that he's just started going to preschool and he hasn't built up enough immunity yet. Kylee doesn't get sick very often anymore but used to a lot when she started preschool too. It's such a bad time of year. Someone is always sick on Halloween. My littlest one has her first illness :( It's cute when they sleep, though.

Rebecca said...


you are funnnnnnnyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Aneesa Bee said...

Ha ha--of COURSE it all comes down to breastfeeding! for sure. No really, I've noticed that my kids seem to get sick more at some ages than others--have you noticed this too? Like between 2-3 seems to be the worst and then another spurt at 6. . .who knows. I've always blamed it on the nursery ;-)