Are You a Drive-Around-Town Mom Too?

Steve was talking to a couple the other day who asked about me and what I did. He told them I was a stay-at-home mom. One turned to the other and said, "Oh yes, she's a really good homemaker and does a lot of baking." Steve immediately knew that he had alluded to an inaccurate interpretation of me and our lifestyle. He explained that I'm actually not much of a stay-at-home mom, I'm more like a drive-around-town mom. (Oh yeah, and Steve also let me know that he corrected her and told them I'm actually not much of a baker.) Heidi, I need those baking lessons STAT.

This is what my day was like yesterday:

8:27 am Drop Rachel and Lucy off at school (two minutes late)
Dishes, laundry, finish cooking and cutting up pumpkins
10:00 am Drive Steve on errand and drop off at Sonora Grill
Post Office
Make beds, vacuum, do Kaleigh's hair, prepare FHE lesson
11:45 am Pick up neighbor and take to preschool with Adam
12:00 pm Derrick calls, asking why I'm not home
12:10 pm Return home and send Kaleigh off to a movie with Derrick
12:30 pm Visiting teaching appointment #1
12:52 pm Missed call from Rebecca
12:53 pm Text messages from Rebecca:
Are you home??
I am at your house
Your car is here. . .
Your car is unlocked FYI
1:28 pm Check in with Rebecca; no emergency
1:29 pm Text messages from Steve:
I need you to bring keys to me
I also need the case to the Microsoft office
1:30 pm Visiting teaching appointment #2
2:15 pm Drive to preschool to pick up Adam and nephew
2:45 pm Drive to school to check out Rachel, Lucy, and niece
Parent of Lucy's friend sees me and hurries over to ask if I saw invitation for her daughter's birthday party. The one that starts at 3:30 pm. . . (Nope.)
2:50 pm Phone call from Living Scriptures. After lengthy small talk about the beautiful weather, I tell him we love our Living Scripture DVDs and I would love to buy more when I can get them at half-price like I did two years ago. He thanks me, tells me he will make note of that, and concludes the call, just like that.
3:00 pm Drop off Rachel and niece at orthodontist
3:04 pm Receive email from Steve: help proof asap, needs to print today
3:10 pm Drive Lucy home to change out of school uniform, grab snacks for Adam and nephew, things for Steve, piano books
3:2o pm Run into Megaplex to buy gift card for birthday present
3:28 pm Text message from Steve:
Can you come look at this camera? Please? At Sonora.
Me: Was that today? (I completely forgot about meeting we had scheduled with Imaging Depot at Sonora Grill.)
Steve: They just got here
Me: I can be there in 20
Steve: Bring your camera
3:30 pm Lucy to Kangaroo Zoo for birthday party; have to go inside to sign waiver
3:40 pm Pick up Rachel and niece from orthodontist; have to go inside to schedule next month's appointment
3:45 pm Drop Rachel off at piano lessons
3:50 pm Meet brother-in-law at my house to drop off niece and nephew (twenty minutes late); run inside to get camera
4:00 pm Arrive at Sonora Grill (thirty minutes late)
Talk to Imaging Depot guys; quickly edit menu
4:45 pm Pick up Rachel from piano lessons
5:00 pm Drop off clothes at Your Valet (The lady says, "You're running a bit late today.")
Back to Post Office for second time of the day.
Back home to pick up Kaleigh and get Tylenol for Rachel
To Sonora Grill to get a smoothie for Rachel
6:00 pm Pick up Lucy from birthday party
6:15 pm Drive around to pick up some things for church
6:30 pm Home. Finally.
6:32 pm Kaleigh pees all over the floor. Huge puddle. (Thankfully, it's the kitchen, so that makes clean-up easy.)
6:33 pm Start kids on baths
6:35 pm I make phone calls and try to puree pumpkins in our tiny blender while Rachel makes dinner.
7:00 pm Dinner. If you call Totino's pizza in the toaster oven dinner?
7:30 pm Family Home Evening
8:30 pm Pumpkins to Sonora Grill to puree with huge blender stick
8:45 pm Kaleigh to bed
9:00 pm Lucy to bed
9:30 pm Adam to bed
10:00 pm Rachel to bed
10:00 pm Phone call
11:00 pm More cleaning up around the house, change sheets
11:30 pm I'm interrupted in the shower by Lucy, who has just thrown up all over the stairs. I quickly get dressed, get her in the bath, and start cleaning up the horrid mess. Try to keep Lucy off of my newly changed sheets. As soon as carpet is cleaned, throwing up continues. All subsequent vomiting makes it into the toilet.
12:45 am Get Lucy set up to sleep on floor of my bedroom.
1:00 am Wash my hair in the sink (never got to it in the shower). Start laundry.
1:30 am Work on emails in my inbox (I try to keep them under 30)
2:00 am Fall asleep typing on the computer
2:05 am Pull myself up out of the massage chair, say a prayer, crash in bed

Do I long for more simplicity in my life? Yes, especially after a busy day. Do I think it's going to happen any time soon? Nope.

When is someone going to make a car with a built in vacuum?

I don't know how I would survive without my iPhone: 39 phone calls, 47 text messages, 18 emails.(Kelly, I just realized I missed a call from you.)

There is something extremely motivating, liberating, and even exhilarating about canceling a scheduled surgery. HURRAY for no surgery for me today!!!


Joanie said...

I love getting glimpses into your life. Most the time I read your blog I am surprised at how much you do, but it's nice to know that it isn't super easy for you to do all that you do. Also, I think Steve should give you a little credit for all the work you do for the restaurant, you know?

Fox said...

Hey at least you have a town to drive around...

O and whats will all the pumkin puree?

i'm h.mac said...

i had to stop midway thru the post to pull rolls out from the oven. after reading this post i believe you need a bakers drop of once a week instead of baking lessons. steve will never know.........

Min said...

Oh to be a mom. Sign me up - I could do this. Seriously (except the throw up).

emily ballard said...

Pumpkin puree is to make pumpkin bars!


Lisa said...

Why are moms so busy? I think you should post a day about you at the spa- doing absolutely nothing! I know, like that will happen anytime soon. Fun to see your cute family pics and hear about your wild day!

Carey said...

Oh Emily, this is what I mean. You are hilarious. I seriously love the way you write. xo

Molly said...

I love that I can text message you at midnight and confidently know that you will be up:)