"Superheroes are something that you look up to. Because that's what my sister told me," Adam confidently stated from his booster seat on the way to preschool.

Madey replied matter-of-factly, "No, those are just airplanes."

Madey is Adam's friend. (She is the cute little girl who ran the Kids K race with Lucy in September.) And she is the only girl that Adam is willing to sit next to at preschool.

Sometimes they have picnics together:

And sometimes they dress up in princess dresses and high heels. I would post the picture, but Adam took my phone and deleted it after being teased by his sisters.

I told Madey's mom that I love having Madey over to play because she's a good influence on Adam (tells him to help pick up, not to hide when it's time to leave, etc.) And now I'm suddenly worried that might mean that he's a bad influence on her?

Get better so you can come over and play again soon, Madey!


Kayli said...

I love what she said! Airplanes, ha. That was a good one. chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this little post about them! I seriously love their new friendship!! She was heartbroken missing the field trip today but after I told her we can go to the Tree House another day and bring Adam, she wiped her tears, smiled, and said, "okay".

P.S. I have the pic of them all dressed up in their high heels... I can send it back to you for use later in his life :)