A Thanksgiving of Firsts

This was the first Thanksgiving that I cooked a turkey at home so we could have our own leftovers. (It wasn't the first time I've cooked a turkey, just the first time I've cooked a turkey on Thanksgiving.) Steve and I were down in the kitchen together at 3:00 am to taste our turkey, right as it came out of the oven. I wish I would have taken a picture, not only because it was a beautiful turkey, but because it will be a great memory. . . up so late at night, picking away at that turkey.

On Thanksgiving morning, we participated in the First Annual Jefferson Neighborhood Turkey Trot. We had a fun group of 20 neighbors and 2 dogs who ran/walked/biked/scootered down to the cemetery and back. We had "pacers" on bikes and Jed even set up a water station in front of his house to keep the runners hydrated. For being planned last-minute, I'd say the race was pretty legit.

This was the first Thanksgiving (in a long time) that I didn't get sick. I went to the hospital a couple weeks ago and ate radioactive eggs for my gastric emptying study. And I am now clinically classified as "normal". No more gastroparesis for me!

(This picture above shows Derrick's second plate of Thanksgiving dinner. He inhaled it just as quickly as his first.)

After dinner, we held our very first Thanksgiving play, complete with pilgrim hats and bonnets. (I tried to get away with using the construction paper I had at home, so the hats are a little on the small side.) We also made butter, Indian corn necklaces, and attempted to make boondoggle keychains. (Don't ever buy lacing string from Oriental Trading. It is too thin and difficult to use. And don't click on that boondoggle link unless you have a few minutes to spare. It is guaranteed to make you laugh.)

The highlight of the weekend was definitely the First Annual Drumstick Kick. Two years ago, we held the First Annual Ballard Family Kickball game. This year, we challenged the Critchlow Family to play against us.

The Critchlows showed up with their entire family in custom designed t-shirts and had four generations of cheerleaders. We started with a game for the kids and then moved onto the main event. It was physical. And it was fun. And we are going to need a non-biased referee for next year's game :)

The Critchlows certainly gave us a run for our money, but Team Ballard held off, narrowly winning by two points in overtime.

P.S. Does anyone know of any dodgeball leagues around here? After watching him catch and throw during the kickball game, I think dodgeball might be Derrick's sport.

This was the very first year that I didn't look at any of the ads from the newspaper or online to map out a plan of attack for Black Friday. I seriously didn't look at one advertisement. That might just be the most monumental of anything on this list. Even my ten-year old niece was completely shocked. We started shopping at 10:30 am and returned home mid-afternoon. Black Friday shopping is a casual affair for us. . . which was good. Because I was plenty sore from the kickball game.

We went and watched the Ogden Santa Run for our first time and cheered on our favorite Santa:

One of the Santas carried around a bag full of candy and handed out treats to all of the kids:

So fun. We will definitely be participating in the race next year.

And, seeing how we never took down our Christmas lights from last year, I think that technically makes us the first to have our Christmas lights up for the year.


Ryanne said...

I love all your firsts! Especially that you could enjoy the feast without getting sick afterwards. Your family is full of good ideas, I'm inspired for next year.

Kenzie Abbott said...

Ultimate Indoor out on 1900 used to have a dodge ball league, not sure if they do anymore :)

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