Why My Kids Will Never Be Good at Competitive Sports


I'm just not much of a yeller. (If I were more intense, I probably would have been better at competitive sports myself.)

It should be noted that the guy next to me stopped yelling and complaining about the refs as soon as he saw me taking a video. Maybe it would be advantageous for the kids if there were cameras pointed directly at all of the parents in the bleachers.

After the game, Rachel was so confused. "At first he (the coach) yelled at us not to foul, and then he told us to foul as soon as they touched the ball."

That would be puzzling to a third grader, just learning the rules of the game.

I later told her when there is a loose ball on the court that she should get in there and grab it. "But then they will think I'm mean."

We might need to switch to a different sport. (Are there any sports where you can be nice?)

We were almost home when Lucy piped up from the back seat. "So, did we win or lose?"


blakeandcourt said...

I am not competitive either and I stink at sports! My niece is on a swim team and she will always tell us that she came in first or second when in reality she came in dead last. At least she's having fun!

Ryanne said...

Swimming, gymnastics, dance, running. I did swimteam and loved it. My dad was the worst sports parent and I definitely stayed away from those spectator type sports. Funny post :)