Adam's New Hat

Has everyone been to Little Cherry Blossoms on 25th Street? It's one of my very favorite businesses in Ogden.

It's the first place I go to buy hair bows for my girls, ties for Adam, and cute shoes for Kaleigh. It's the first place I go for a baby gift and the first place I go when Adam needs a potty break. (Not really, but that's probably what Carey thinks. Adam really likes her bathroom.) It used to be the first place I'd go after meeting with Derrick's lawyer. (His office is right across the street.) I just love visiting with Carey.

Carey writes a great blog too. (It covers all sorts of things. . . how to make felt rosettes headbands, a recipe for the perfect pie crust, how to force bulbs to grow in the winter . . . way more than just about kids' clothes.) Last month, she hosted a giveaway and I won a free boy hat of my choice.

Little Cherry Blossoms has these knit military hats for little boys that are absolutely adorable. You can see a brown one if you scroll down and look at the pictures she has posted with her giveaway. I figured that I'd be able to find some pictures of Adam wearing one, since we have purchased a few, but the problem is that Adam loses them. Apparently quicker than I can take a picture. I just love these hats, so when I won the giveaway, I knew exactly what I was going to pick.

I made the mistake of taking Adam with me, so my prize ended up being a free boy hat of Adam's choice. Little Cherry Blossoms is filled to the brim with darling kids clothes and accessories, including a bunch of charming hats for little boys. But as soon as Adam set his eyes on this beauty, there was no talking him out of it.

He put it on and wore it for two days straight. That means he wore it to preschool. And to bed.

And yes, he left the foil sticker on it. Derrick was so proud.

With my luck, this will turn out to be the hat that he never loses.

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