Being Sick

I want to remember what it feels like to be sick so I can better appreciate my life when I'm healthy.

Being sick:

-Forces me to say more sincere prayers.

-Reminds me how happy I am to be finished with the pregnancy stage of my life.

-Is hard on my kids. And my husband. (Especially the husband.)

-Leaves me wondering what people did before the days of peppermint tea, ibuprofen, space heaters, and popsicles. (And super comfy memory foam mattresses.)

-Gives me another reason to love using text messages as a form of communication with my daughter. (She got sick first.)

It took me two days to get over it, but I am back to a warm welcome of dirty dishes, loads of laundry, (Steve actually had to go buy Lucy a new pair of tights on the way to school this morning) and ten million other things that I got behind on.

I might even take down the Christmas tree tomorrow. (Or I might not.)

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