California Part 2: Balboa Island

Day three in California was beach day. The weather was still a little cold and chilly so most of the kids changed out of their swimming suits and back into regular clothes. It was a big mistake and we learned our lesson: when going to play near water (regardless of the temperature) always dress kids in swimming suits. And bring towels. I don't know what we were thinking.

We drove to Balboa Island and rode the ferry across the bay. It was the best three dollars spent on the entire trip; the kids loved it. We thought we were going to play in the sand and dip our toes in the ocean. . . but of course, most of the kids got wet up past their waists.

They ran into the water:

And then let the waves chase them out of the water:

Back in:

And back out. Over and over again. . .

A big highlight of the trip for Lucy was when she told me that her pants were too uncomfortable (because they were soaking wet). I suggested that we cut them off into shorts. "You're just going to take a pair of scissors and cut them off?" she questioned, in surprise. Yep. That's exactly what I did.

The kids were playing carefree:

Until one little boy was taken down by a little wave. Rebecca was in the middle of taking this picture right when it happened, and she quickly ran over to rescue him. But since she still had her expensive camera in hand, I hurried in and pulled him out of the water. That left me with soaking wet pants. . . so I took a pair of scissors to my jeans as well. (Thank goodness that camera stayed dry. . . and thanks for all of the great pictures, Rebecca!)

Rachel was the only one smart enough to wear her swimming suit:

She was also one of the lucky ones who found a sand dollar. She was just a little excited:

There were lots of happy faces on that beach:

Lots of playing in the sand:

Kaleigh wasn't quite sure what to think of all that sand:

There was a whole lot of shell collecting:

And even some seaweed gathering:

I made silly faces at Kaleigh until she laughed:

And laughed:

And laughed:

And kept laughing:

Until she drooled:

As usual, I had to pull Lucy out of the water so we could leave:

We drove around and admired all of the beautiful ornamental landscaping, ate a late lunch, and hurried back to the hotel to get ready for the big wedding.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting this! I will just link everyone to your blog:) Lots and lots of great memories from this trip!!! I'm so glad the cousins got to experience all of that together:)

Kayli said...

Cute cute cute cute cuteness abounds.

Anonymous said...

I hope those were your jeans that already had a hole in them :) Love all the pictures! I LOVE hummus, especially homemade so I hope you ate a lot of it!