It turns out that going skiing is a little like having a baby

About five years ago, Steve declared that we were going to be a skiing family. It was a surprising announcement because Steve hadn't ever been much of a skier. I snowboarded a bit during my early college years, but I hadn't been on skis since I was twelve. (And the whole reason I switched from skis to a snowboard was because I wasn't a good skier.) But we live in Ogden and have world-class skiing right in our backyard, so Steve decided that we were going to be a skiing family.

I put off joining him and the kids for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I do not like being cold. Steve repeatedly assured me that once I had good gear, I would not be cold. A few years ago, Derrick worked at Snowbasin and had access to free guest passes, but I used the excuse that I didn't have snow pants or a good jacket. . . and there was also that problem that Adam was always sick. The next year I complained that it was too expensive. . . which is completely true, especially when you need snow pants and a ski jacket. Last year was supposed to be my year to finally go skiing, but I was out of commission.

I got snow pants and a good ski jacket and Monday was supposed to be my debut. But we ran into babysitter issues, Adam came down with a bad cough, and I wasn't feeling very well.

The stars finally aligned, and on Friday, I went skiing for Rachel's birthday.

Thursday night, I had some emotions that were strangely similar to the feelings I had exactly nine years earlier. . . the night before Rachel was born. We had spent most of January 2003 (and December 2002 . . . I was an impatient pregnant lady) waiting for our baby to come. But that night, I knew it was time. We had been to dinner with the whole Ballard Family in North Ogden. On the drive home to Logan, Steve asked me if I wanted to go to find a trampoline or some swings, but I told him we didn't need to. She was coming.

I was nervous and excited and had a hard time going to sleep. I knew it was going to be hard, I knew that it was going to be painful, and I knew there was no turning back. (Huge understatement. . . I was completely unprepared for Rachel's delivery.)

Fast forward back to Thursday night. . . I was actually a little embarrassed at myself for being so nervous about going skiing. But I knew it was going to be hard, I knew it was going to be painful. . . and once I borrowed skis from my friend, there was no turning back. What if fell getting off the lift? What if I couldn't keep up with my kids? What if I spent the day being miserably cold? And what if I never wanted to go back and crushed Steve's dream of being a skiing family?

But I didn't fall, I'm still much better than my kids, and I wasn't even cold. And skiing is a whole lot easier now than it was when I was twelve. (Hurray for awesome improvements in ski equipment.) I had fun with my kids. . . lots of fun. . . and I can't wait to go again.

(It should be noted that not only did Lucy fall getting off the lift once, she also fell off the lift. It was right close to the bottom and she didn't get hurt. Lucy is really good at falling off of things. . . bar stools, horses, the dock at Jenny Lake. . . but it actually looked more like Steve pushed her off.)

After that, we figured she was safer riding up by herself:

Rachel is a pretty good little skier:

And Lucy is still a bit wild:

Derrick brought Kaleigh up and joined us for lunch:

Kaleigh couldn't get enough of the snow. And I couldn't get her to stop eating it:

Steve kept seeing people he knew and they kept asking him if those were all his girls. (P.S. We'd claim Gracie any day.)

And back to my comparison of going skiing and having a baby. . . I came home tired and exhausted and didn't really want to get up out of bed the next morning. My body was so sore and it still hurts to walk down the stairs. But, just like having a baby, it was completely worth it.

I haven't been feeling old enough to have a nine-year old:

But then I saw the crows' feet around my eyes in this picture and it looks like I am aging faster than I thought:

What a fun birthday memory.

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blakeandcourt said...

your day on the mountain looks like a blast!! And Brooke is obsessed with eating snow too...even if it comes off her boot. Enjoy your new family hobby!