Passport Photo Fail

I tried to take our own passport photos today. But when they are printed out as 2 x 2s, their faces measure 1/4 of an inch too large.

We'll try again tomorrow.

And tomorrow, we'll skip the green Kool-Aid for lunch.


Kayli said...

Have you seen this website? It's what we used for all our visa pictures (AFTER we paid for our passport photos, which are ugly and were really expensive). But anyway, it has a little template so you can make sure the head is the right size and then you can just save the file and have it printed out at Wal-Mart or wherever.


Sure cute pictures anyway, though. :)

emily ballard said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing - that's exactly what I need for Round 2.

Ryanne said...

Good luck with day 2! That would save you so much money, passport photos are such a rip off.