Thank goodness for health insurance

2011 Ballard Family Health Insurance Claims
Steve: 9
Emily: 45
Derrick: 4
Rachel: 10
Lucy: 4
Adam: 24
Total: 96

Sometimes I complain about the $1100 per month we pay in health insurance. But this really puts things into perspective for me.

I have these childhood memories of my mother spending hours and hours on the phone trying to sort out medical claims with insurance companies. We have health insurance from SelectHealth, and I haven't had one problem with them.

I'm actually a huge fan of SelectHealth. Not only have they provided our family with excellent medical and dental coverage, they have also really impressed me with their community involvement. Last year, SelectHealth donated $2500 to the Oasis Community Garden as part of their Select 25 awards program. That money went a long way in helping us at the garden, and it was pretty amazing to go to the awards luncheon in Salt Lake and learn about all of the other incredible groups they generously contributed toward. SelectHealth also sponsors lots of great activities like The Classic Race and Salt Lake's New Year Celebration: EVE. (And they even hooked me up with free entries to both. Can you say that about your health insurance company?)

I just found these fun pictures online when I searched for that link to The Classic.

Good times.

If SelectHealth is your health insurance provider, you should get online and register for My Health. You can access medical records, (including labs, imaging, pathology, and procedures) insurance claims, and more. It pulled up Steve's labs from clear back in 1999. Which is awesome.

P.S. It is ironic that Derrick is the healthiest member of our family (his four claims were for three dermatology appointments and a visit with the dentist). A few years back when we were applying for private insurance, he was the one who was rejected and deemed uninsurable, but they (BlueCross BlueShield, I think?) were perfectly willing to cover me. Bad pick.


AngelaW said...

This made me curious. Here are our numbers: T-35, A-8, J-9, S-7, and L-4. Total 63

Marcus Perry said...


I ran across this post (thanks, Google alerts!). We really appreciate the kind words.