A Very Belated And Very Long Christmas Post

I thought I had everything about Christmas all planned out . . . . but I didn't plan on Kaleigh locking the keys in the car on Christmas Eve (day).

Steve told me I really shouldn't post pictures every time we run out of gas and lock our keys in our car because then everyone can see that our life is a wreck. But rest assured, I don't post pictures every time we run out of gas and lock our keys in our car, so you'll never know how much of a wreck our life really is.

After trying to break into the car himself, Steve finally gave in and called the locksmith.

Even though Steve was the one outside vacuuming the car and Steve was the one watching Kaleigh, I was the one blamed for the key getting locked inside. It was my fault that we were locked out of our car because I have been trained by my father to have multiple spare keys. (I had only been driving what. . . three years before I met Steve, so I don't know why he thought he was exempt from the last eleven years of "training".)

Dad, please direct all future discussions about spare keys to Steve, so we can share the responsibility.

We went and ran all of our last-minute errands together with the kids. While we were at the mall, we took the kids to see Santa. Kaleigh slid right out of the stroller, cut ahead of everyone in line, and ran straight for Santa's lap. She was so delighted with herself that nobody did anything to stop her. (I was stuck back in line with the stroller and couldn't get to her anyway.) She told Santa she wanted a treat for Christmas. And it turns out he had one to give her. The rest of the kids waited patiently for their turn and asked Santa for a surprise (Rachel), something purple (Lucy), and a dog (Adam).

We went home, had a quick dinner, and let the kids open their presents from me (pajamas) and their presents from Steve (their favorite box of cereal).

The kids were bathed and ready for bed earlier than ever. We read a few Christmas books together and then Adam (who was most excited about everything) eagerly went to his room and fell sleep without any complaint.

Steve took the girls and went a little deeper into the Christmas story with the help of these new Bible videos that show the Life of Christ. (They are even more interactive on the iPad.) And then I started wrapping.

Steve made some preparations with this "half of a cow" that was on our counter. Rachel was not impressed.

Derrick came home from work and went to go to sleep and found his big Christmas present: a new mattress. He was so happy that he came right up and hugged me and Steve. (That doesn't happen all that often.)

We were all finished and ready for bed in record time (before 1:00 am).

I let the kids decorate the tree and I didn't move one ornament. That's why, if you look closely, you can see some interesting "ornaments", like a rubber shark halfway up the tree on the left.

Christmas morning was LOUD. (It didn't help that I woke up with a sinus cold.)

The kids broke through the streamers that were set up to keep them from sneaking into see their loot before everyone got up. Lucy said it felt a little bit like a spook alley so next year I will get red and green.

Derrick's present for Lucy was perfect- too bad they weren't from Santa.

Steve received a special pair of shoes from Rachel. He put them right on and wore them all day long. If you are lucky, you might get to see them in person someday.

Two things I wish I would have taken pictures of: all of the different outfits Kaleigh wore on Christmas Day and all of the food that Derrick consumed. For breakfast, he ate most of his box of Corn Pops in a big mixing bowl.

The big hit of the morning was the iPad. (I think Kaleigh is on her fourth outfit of the day in this picture.)

Everyone took their turn with it. . . I didn't get a chance to play with the iPad for a week.

All of the kids were being entertained by their electronics and everything quieted down. (Quiet enough for me to take a nap on the couch.) When I woke up, Kaleigh was still watching her birthday video. Over and over and over again.

I took five of these videos and I should edit them into one, but I don't want to take the time right now, so I here are my favorites.

We all wore adhesive mustaches to Steve's parents' house. On the way there, Lucy just about died laughing.

Aunt Kay came and brought big candy canes for all of the kids. And then she pulled a little surprise out of her bag. It's a shame I didn't get my camera out fast enough to get a video of the first song because it was the best.

After lunch and presents, we were back to our house to get ready for the big dinner.

Derrick told us he couldn't believe how many presents he had received for Christmas and reminded us how spoiled we are here in America.

These pictures really don't do it justice, but Steve cooked the most amazing prime rib I've ever had. He also whipped up roasted potatoes, asparagus, candied yams, and mashed potatoes. It was impressive. Especially when he washed all of the dishes. He is pretty amazing.

After Derrick ate dinner (his fourth huge meal of the day) it finally caught up to him. He went downstairs and tried to sleep off his stomachache while we opened presents upstairs.

And that was our Christmas.

P.S. The Christmas tree is down!


i'm h.mac said...

i am salivating. that prime rib looks amazing. and that video of kaleigh is hilarious!!! last sunday i kept talking to her about that video of her blowing her candles out, she lit right up. i told her she was famous!

Min said...

A Christmas tree just isn't a Christmas tree without a rubber shark. Really.

Since Steve and I have twin birthdays . . . if he wanted to cook some heavenly prime rib for us, well, I'd be okay with that.

Natalie B. said...

Glad we are not the only ones up wrapping all night. I could not mention it in my blog post cause my kids read it, but we were up until 330am! Yikes, I gotta do better next year.