Birthday Weekend

I celebrated my 30th birthday over the weekend, and now I am officially a lady.

On Friday night, Angie painted my toenails. She asked me what color I wanted them painted, and I said red. Of course they needed to be red. And then once she did my toenails, I liked them so much, I decided I probably needed my fingernails painted too. When Steve saw them, he laughed. I'm just proud that I made it through Day 5 without taking off the polish.

Before Steve left to go move someone on Saturday morning he said, "Didn't I get you something really cool for Christmas that was going to count for your birthday too?" So I realized I would probably need to take myself birthday shopping.

But then I couldn't go downstairs because the girls were working on this sweet decoration for me and wanted it to be a surprise. It's a birthday chain that they hung up; there are 30 reasons why they love me. They are sweet.

Angie and I went to my new favorite store, Ume, and my old favorite store, DownEast. I got a whole load of new "lady clothes". More on what that means another day.

We took our kids to Spoon Me. I sure do like that place.

I picked Steve up from work just in time for the Hartmans to come over for dinner. We made pizza and played Reverse Charades. My kids can't get enough of that game.

Steve went back to work right after they left. He came home late and immediately started cooking chorizo and finishing his lesson for church. He was hosting Sunday brunch for the Ogden Visitors Bureau and taught combined Relief Society/Priesthood. Not sure if he actually got any sleep that night. I got eight hours for the second night in a row.

I took six kids with me to church. (Thank goodness for the newlyweds in the row in front of me who are willing to entertain rambunctious little boys.) I had ten eight-year olds in my Primary class. I only had to chase one of them around the Primary room. I took him to his parents after he tried to use a chair as a weapon.

Derrick gave me a day pass to Snowbasin for my birthday. On Monday, Steve and I took Rachel and Lucy to school, Kaleigh to Debra's house, and Adam to preschool, and then we went skiing. By ourselves. It was awesome. Except that I am a wimp and needed a break after going down twice.

Pulling things like that off -going places without kids- requires a lot of coordinating and made the rest of my afternoon completely chaotic. We drove home from Snowbasin. I dropped Steve off to shower. I drove Rachel and Lucy to piano. I picked Steve up and drove him to Sonora Grill. I drove to Clinton to pick up Kaleigh. I drove to pick up Rachel and Lucy from piano. I dropped Rachel and Lucy off to change into swimsuits. I picked up neighbor kids. I picked up Rachel and Lucy. I dropped off the kids for swim team practice. I went and picked up dry cleaning from Your Valet. I went and picked up Sundance tickets. I went and picked up pizza. And then I went home and had twenty minutes to shower and get ready.

I saw The Queen of Versailles with Angie. I heard it described as a riotous documentary, and that is accurate. Then I drove home, put the four little kids to bed, woke up the big one, picked Steve up from Sonora Grill, and went back to the theater. We saw Safety Not Guaranteed, which was an interesting sci-fi romance. It's the short film they showed before that I can't get out of my head. It was funny/disturbing. I love our tradition of going to Sundance for my birthday and love Zions Bank for coming through for us with Best of Fest tickets this year.

So, to all of those who asked about my birthday. . . yes, I'd say I was plenty spoiled.


Kayli said...

Happy birthday!!

Kristin Wilkerson said...

That post made me a little tired. :) Glad you had a good and eventful birthday.