From Pinterest: Friendship Bracelet Valentines

After hearing about our valentines, someone was saying how creative we were. Rachel quipped right back, "We don't have to be creative. We have Pinterest."

Yes, there's a lot of truth to that.

When I saw the pin to this post about friendship bracelet valentines, (originally inspired by this post on Design Mom) I knew it was the perfect idea for Rachel.

I bought four rolls of crochet thread from Michael's, and there is enough string left over to make a few hundred more bracelets. We came up with color combinations that were appropriate for boys and some cuter ones for the girls. I wish I knew the simple pattern Maude Blair used on her friendship bracelets; we copied Abby and did a regular braid with two strings of each color.

Rachel made about thirty bracelets and I made an additional fifteen. Rachel's bracelets were just as good, if not better, than mine. . . she is a good little braider. She gave them to everyone in her class, her older cousins, and some friends from our neighborhood. (She crossed out "class" on the tags for her cousins and friends and wrote in "family" and "neighborhood".

I printed out the tags on heavy card stock and cut them out with scalloped scissors. (Really wished I had a scalloped edge paper punch. I want to buy one for the next time we make these.)

And there definitely will be a next time. I loved these and was thinking about making them for the kids in my Primary class, but ran out of time. The bracelets were a huge hit in Rachel's class; even her teacher wore hers.

The best thing about the tag (love it when people provide downloads to their templates!) is that it doesn't say anything about Valentine's Day, so these friendship bracelets could be given out for other occasions as well. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll get a few more colors to mix in and make them for my Primary kids on their birthdays. Which means I need to go back to Michael's today. . . since the first birthday of the year is tomorrow.

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Kristin Wilkerson said...

I am proud of you for making valentines. I was going to make some but time escaped me and we opted for fun dips!