From Pinterest: Mustache Lollipops

I didn't intend to take such a long break from posting, but my computer is in high demand these days. Rachel and Lucy have been spending lots of time on their online reading program, Raz Kids. (I was reprimanded at parent-teacher conference a couple weeks ago. Lucy's teacher asked me very seriously, Does she have access to a computer at home? And in reality, the answer was No. I'm not very good at sharing my computer. But makes me sound like a terrible mother, so I am making some sacrifices.) And every time I sit down to write on my blog, I enjoy reading everyone else's posts so much that I spend my time doing that instead.

But I couldn't leave Kaleigh's valentines out. Especially since she is getting so good at posing for the camera. So here they are, Mustache Lollipops:

Maybe everyone else is getting tired of mustaches. I am not.

I saw this link on Pinterest, which came from this post by Family Fun.

If I were to make these again, I think I would make the mustaches a little smaller. And use a less curvy design to make the cutting go faster. I did not use a hole punch or knife to make a hole for the suckers, I just poked them right through the foam. I thought this would make them fit tighter, which it did. If you wanted to improve on this idea, you could use a small dot of glue to better secure the mustache to the lollipop stick.

Overall, these were the easiest of all the valentines we made. But that might be because Kaleigh didn't try to help me make them. . .

But she sure enjoyed trying them out:

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Aneesa Bee said...

Oooo! Those remind me of Juanito Bandito. . . . . .