From Pinterest: Paint Sample Valentine Bookmarks

Another great idea from Pinterest.

Saw this pin for bookmarks made out of paint samples. It just takes you to an image, but they are so straightforward that instructions aren't really needed.

Our school doesn't allow candy for Valentine's Day and second graders love bookmarks, so I knew these would be a hit for Lucy's class.

I loved all of the different shades of reds and pinks in the Pinterest picture. But Lucy said that Olivia only likes things that are blue, Layla loves purple, etc. . . and she didn't think the boys would be too excited about pink bookmarks.

So I went to Home Depot and picked out four different colors of paint samples and then went to Michael's where I got four coordinating rolls of ribbon. And in case you are wondering about the paint samples, I just walked up and took them.

Home Depot's Behr paint samples are about five inches wide with curved edges. I used a paper cutter to trim off the edge with the names of the paint colors and the other edge with the rounded corners so we were left with a section with straight edges and no words. (I actually liked the side with the rounded corners, but Lucy did not.)

We punched holes in the tops and three heart punches down the left side. Lucy tied ribbons in the top and I actually decided to apply a dot of super glue to the back of the knot because a few of them were slipping loose.

Lucy typed up all of the names of the kids in her class and I printed to/from tags out on Avery labels:

I love these little bookmarks and think I might snag a few paint samples the next time I go to a hardware store. These could be made with different paper punches (butterflies, snowflakes, etc.) and would be great for Primary kids or as something special to include with a book for a birthday gift.

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