Time Out for Women

I am one of H.J. & Edna Milligan's 28 grandchildren. (Eighteen of us are girls.) Even though our grandparents have both passed away, I think I am probably closer to my cousins now than ever before.

When we were gathered for a family Christmas party in December, one of my cousins suggested that we go to a Time Out for Women together. So last weekend, Heidi flew in from Arizona and Jennifer, Natalie, and Melissa drove down from Idaho Falls and we all went to Time Out for Women in Layton. We ate at Sonora Grill, Roosters, and stayed up talking until about two in the morning.

There were lots of great quotes from the weekend. Some of these are from my notes from the conference and the others are things I remembered hearing among our group:

"I feel like I'm at EFY."

"There are flowers in the urinal!"

"We don't learn from successes. We learn from challenges." (James Ferrell)

"We shouldn't be worried about the holes in anyone else's boat." (James Ferrell)

"Do people still like Michael McLean?"

"I'm confused. I thought that was the closing song."

"Why is that milk green?"

"I don't remember the last time I got flipped off."
"You got flipped off at lunch."

"Eyelash curlers? Who even uses those anymore?"

"Let it go." (Chris Williams)

"Don't get in the way of the Savior." (Chris Williams)

"Was I just snoring?"

"Greatness is best measured by how well we respond to the happenings in life that appear to be unfair, unreasonable, and undeserved." (D. Kelly Ogden)

"All your losses will be made up to you in the resurrection. You will not be denied anything." (D. Kelly Ogden)

"Summon bonum." (D. Kelly Ogden)

"This is way better than last night."

"Your feelings matter. They contain crucial information about your spirit." (Julie de Azevedo Hanks)

"Own your weaknesses and your strengths." (Julie de Azevedo Hanks)

"And now, I'd like to sing a little song that goes along with this." (most of the speakers)

"Good does not always reside within your comfort zone." (Emily Watts)

"Sometimes good needs a catalyst to get it going." (Emily Watts)

"Good often appears in disguise." (Emily Watts)

"They saved the best two speakers for last."

"Do you know how much this cupcake cost?"

"I felt like some of the speakers were like 'All you have to worry about is being beautiful on the inside. That's what matters. I know that I'm beautiful, and I'm skinny, and I've accomplished all sorts of amazing things. But for all of you out there. . . just worry about what's on the inside.'"

And the final quote before I said my goodbyes to everyone:

"Did you just lock the keys in the van?"

It was a great weekend and I am already looking forward to the next gathering, which is slated for May 2013 (for the Ogden Marathon).

Hope the rest of you will join us: (Angela, Leslie, Rachael, Julie, Jamie, Carly, Kacie, Kim, Jill, Robin, Candace, Jodi, Holly, Andrea, Lauren, Ally, Staci, Amber, Cassi and Jen!)

P.S. Steve was a good sport and let me host a girls' night at our house on his birthday. I started typing thirty-three things about Steve to post on my blog, but he told me what he really wanted for his birthday was for me not to post anything at all. . . so I didn't.


Kristin Wilkerson said...

Sounds like fun. I love cousins they are the best.

Natalie B. said...

That made me really laugh! Soooo funny! Thanks for the great time again, we definately need to do it with more cousins.

Natalie B. said...

PS....Link me up on the names in blue. :) Gracias

HeidiAnn said...

Amen. I will not bother blogging about TOFW but just send them over to you. You did a great job at capturing the weekend and THANKS again for being such a terrific host!

Kacie said...

I love that picture because it looks like Heidi has a big feathered headpiece coming out of the top of her head. Sorry I had to miss :) Half marathon next year maybe???