The Valentine's Day Gravy Boat

Valentine's Day is pretty low-key in our family. We are all partied out from our birthdays to have any excitement left for another holiday.

And Steve always works on Valentine's Day. Always.

I took the kids to Chick-fil-A for dinner with my sister and her kids. Then we started on some errands and ended up at Bed Bath & Beyond. I told Rachel and Lucy to pick something out to give to their dad for Valentine's Day. After going up and down every single aisle in the whole store, the girls settled on this beautiful gravy boat:

It was perfect because #1 We don't have anything appropriate for serving gravy and usually use a plastic liquid measuring cup. #2 I still haven't learned how to make mashed potatoes, so Steve is the official mashed potato cook in our family. And #3 it was only ten bucks. Which was significantly less than the two hundred dollar blender I wanted to buy.

We tried the new desserts from Sonora Grill (Mango Mousse Cake is my new favorite) and gave Steve his present. He couldn't help but smile and made some comment about being old and finally being ready for a gravy boat. (We received three for our wedding and returned every single one of them.)

And then he pulled out some beautiful roses. So much for low-key.

Very happy that Valentine's Day is over and that the craziness at the restaurant should slow down for a bit. It's kind of the equivalent of Tax Day for an accountant's wife. Also very happy that I was able to reclaim the kitchen table, which has been buried in craft supplies for the last week. I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome from all of the valentines we made. I will write about them in separate posts.

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