Adam's Awesome Birthday Party

Adam talked about having a superhero birthday party for months and months. After we went to Get Air Sports, he decided that what he really needed was a superhero/trampoline party. Our family had so much fun there and Adam is completely infatuated with superheroes, so it seemed like the perfect combination. 

Rachel made a countdown calendar for Adam's birthday, and he hung it up on the back door. Every morning, he popped up, jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs from his room, and marked off another box. You have never seen a little boy more excited for his birthday. 

The invitations were made by Icon Sign & Design through amazon.com. The cost was $19.99, and then I had them printed on heavy card stock at The Imaging Depot on 25th Street for about five bucks. That might seem like a lot, but sometimes it's worth it to get exactly what you want without inconveniencing anyone. 

The party didn't disappoint. 

All twelve of Adam's Utah cousins were there: 

This is my niece, Sydney: 

Now look at her. She was right in there, playing dodgeball with a group of (older) boys. Sydney is fearless!

I think this blur is Jake?

Rachel, as The Hulk: 

When these two get together, they are inseparable: 

Adam and Ruby:

Some of the moms:

And some of the kids from our neighborhood: 

Some were more willing to pose and smile than others: 

Dalton and Holly's girls came dressed in their princess dresses. No superhero costumes at their house yet. 

Cutest Superman Ever: 

Nevermind, I think Finn was Superman too. The other Cutest Superman Ever: 

Cutest Supergirl Ever: 

At the top of Adam's invite list was his friend from preschool, Vaughn; Adam still insists that his name is Bon.

Best shot of the day???

We managed to get most of the kids together for a group picture:

After we finished jumping, we went upstairs to the party room for popcorn and cupcakes. (Huge thanks to Angela and Leslie for making the cupcakes for me. We arrived home from Mexico the night before the party and there was no way I was going to be able to pull off cupcakes. That worked out perfectly because I have no cupcake skills.)

Oh yeah. There was also the opening of the gifts. We have considered no-present parties, but I have been to some that didn't work out too well. Mostly because kids really like presents. And even when people are told not to bring gifts, some people still will, and then it is awkward for the ones who don't. 

I am all about useful gifts, so when Grandma Gloria asks what to get my kids for their birthdays, I usually  try to come up with something they need or something that I want them to have. (That sounds bad. . . and it really only works for younger kids.) Last year, I picked a baseball theme for Adam's small birthday celebration and later realized that he doesn't like baseball. At all. 

So this year, I told every single person who asked what to get him that he loves superheroes. The boy ended up with every superhero toy you could imagine. So many that we actually had to space out how many he could open each day. One the way home, I told Steve, "I hope he doesn't outgrow the superhero stage anytime soon." He quipped right back, "A boy never outgrows superheroes." And based on how excited Steve is for the new Avengers movie, I guess that might be true. 

I put trick candles on Adam's cupcake. They worked. 



I thought I was going to line up all of the kids and try for another group shot. But then I gave up. 

At least I got a picture of India and Adam together. I have a photo of the two of them as little babies laying next to each other and clearly remember taking the picture and wondering what they were going to be like when they got older. 

Thanks to everyone who came and participated in Adam's party!


Fox said...

That is the best birthday ever! I love the idea and the costumes, so fun. Your boy is so stinkin funny, I love his face in every picture of him.

Rebecca said...

SUCH a great party!