Easter Weekend (Part 1)

A few years ago, the Ballard Family switched our Easter celebration to a Saturday morning brunch to make it more conducive to Easter egg hunting and other unholy activities. I love it.

We enjoyed quiche, biscuits and gravy, egg casserole, gorilla bread, and fruit skewers. (I ate until I was sick to my stomach.) And then it was time for the much-anticipated Easter egg hunt.

Grandma Gloria had all of the baskets and eggs perfectly organized, and then she sent the dads outside to hide everything. The little kids were quick to find their baskets and started collecting their eggs.

But the dads weren't so easy on Rachel and Gracie, who really had to search for their baskets. Rachel went ahead and started gathering her eggs, without her basket. And since Gracie is growing so tall, they went ahead and hid most of her eggs near the roof.

I think all of the kids ended up needing some help from the adults.

They sure do love finding the eggs with their names on them.

I looked back through some pictures on my blog, and it looks like the girls have been wearing these bunny ears at Easter celebrations clear back since (at least) 2009.

(I think we probably need to get some bunny ears for Grandpa too.)

Derrick is funny. He likes the idea of getting new pictures taken, but when I'm ready to take them, he's usually not interested. He might have been distracted by the biscuits and gravy?

After I convinced the three little kids to pose for me, I passed the camera to Rachel and had her take a few pictures of us. I think my dad calls this look on my face my "pained orthodontic smile". It started in high school, when he thought it was being caused by my braces. It turns out that I'm just not very natural in front of a camera.

This is a good way to make your kids laugh. (I wish someone had been there to take a picture of them when we kissed.)

Kind of like how as the moms were taking a group picture of the kids:

Richard got this funny shot of the adults:

A big thanks to Grandma Gloria for putting together such a wonderful morning and carrying on such a fun tradition!

Partway through the Easter egg hunt, Angie reminded me of last year's (somewhat miserable) Easter party. . . I had just returned home from my second surgery and was hooked up to a wound vac. I wasn't ready to be up and around, but I desperately wanted to be there to watch the kids find their eggs and take some pictures. It's absolutely amazing how my body has healed over past year. And it was a good thing to have on my mind as we went into Easter Sunday, thinking about our Savior, the Atonement, and His resurrection.

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Natalie B. said...

That is a great idea...names on the eggs. I love the "unholy" activities on Saturday. What are your Sunday traditions? I am trying to revamp ours.