Gretchen Goes to Idaho

Yes, Steve and I just got back from Mexico. But before I get into that, I need to post some pictures from our little trip to Idaho on April 1.

Now, for a little background information. . .

Gretchen's older sister was on a 10-day trip to California, and Gretchen decided that she needed a sleepover. I was happy to oblige and invited her. She was ecstatic. There was so much jumping and squealing that I went ahead and extended the invitation to a 2-day sleepover, which would include a trip to Idaho for lunch with my family between sessions of General Conference on Sunday.

Angie tried to un-invite Gretchen, but I didn't let her. I was delighted that she was so excited to come to our house. I even submitted the required written invitation, which made it official.

Just to be clear, Gretchen goes to Idaho all of the time. But when you are on a 3-hour trip to Idaho, you have to take pictures of everything you do.

I'm quite sure it was the first time we've ever stopped to take a picture in front of a "Welcome to Idaho" sign.

It wasn't the first time we've eaten olives, but they seemed especially large, so I took some pictures of the boys playing with their jumbo-sized olives:

And then Fred came upstairs with a label on his forehead. We weren't sure what started all of this (and never asked) but that's clearly my dad's handwriting. One by one, the kids came up with their "labels".

Before long, the kids were making labels of their own, like this one that Rachel made for Rebecca:

We had three kinds of soup, salad, and strawberry shortcake. Rachel's favorite part was definitely this cheesecake:

After lunch, the girls played with Bendaroos. I was going to link you to Bendaroos on Amazon, but they have terrible ratings, and I think they might actually have been Wikki Stix? I'll link to those because they have good reviews and that's the brand we have. Whatever they were, they are cool, and the girls would have kept playing with them for hours and hours.

After a quick visit with my Uncle Ralph and Aunt Marsha from Denver, we were off to stop by my cousin's house. Aneesa lives about ten minutes away from my parents' house in Idaho and is pregnant with her sixth boy. And she has "the coolest house ever".

The trapdoor in the ceiling of their family room provides access to the hidden pirate playroom. (The net is to prevent kids from falling down, like poor little Malachi did, last year.)

The Beutler Home also has a small bedroom with a miniature door, where the shortest member of the family gets to sleep. Even after talking about how short the door frame was, Gretchen still bumped her head as she walked out.

The Beutlers have lots of other fun things like a jungle gym, a huge shop, a urnial, and this fun basketball hoop:

Aneesa also has an amazing food storage room. I couldn't resist and had to take a picture:

She showed me her newest creation, raspberry/grape juice. I told her she was crazy, wasting raspberries on juice. But they have lots and lots of raspberries, and she assured me that it was worth it.

And then we loaded up three 50-lbs. bags of Idaho potatoes and drove home.

The End

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Aneesa Bee said...

WOW! I made your blog. I'm FAMOUS!!!! It was so fun to see you all!!