I quit blogging for a while because I quit taking pictures.

I quit taking pictures because I started writing down quotes.

I started recording quotes because they were amusing. Actually, not all of them are funny. But they do provide a pretty good record of what we've been doing over the last few weeks.

Rachel, on opening night of the City Creek Center: "This place is awesome! I can toot as much as I want because we are shopping outside!"

Another mother at the preschool field trip to Kangaroo Zoo: "Your daughter just took off her pants in the jump house."

Therapist: "There is definitely a power struggle going on here. You have an unusual family structure. But you can't really complain because you both asked to be part of this situation."

Ultrasound Tech: "Ummmm. . . I've never seen this before. I'm going to need to go get the doctor." (I waited, panicking for ten minutes. It turns out I'm perfectly fine. . . they just don't usually see your spine on an ultrasound.)

Doctor Goodman: "Whatever you do, don't start smoking." (I laughed, but he told me it was very serious.)

Me (to Adam): "How did you get so strong?"
Adam, very matter-of-factly: "My dad taught me. He just told me to believe in myself."

The owner of Endless Indulgence: "Shame on you for going to the dot com first."

Steve: "I thought we decided that red isn't your color." (Don't worry. I proved him wrong.)

Adam: "Mom, you just broke my heart." (He also says this to his preschool teacher and I assume anyone else who raises their voice above the volume of a normal conversation. Sensitive kid.)

Rachel, talking about swimming: "It's not hard anymore." (Hurray!!!)

Adam (to Lucy): "Could you stop tooting? Because the smell is filling up my nose and then it's going to get into my brain and I will go around doing stinky things."

Doctor at Instacare: "How old are your other kids?"
Me: "Nine, seven, and three."
Doctor, shaking his head: "You'll be back in with the others soon. Strep is very contagious." (I turned into the drink-sharing Nazi, and I am very proud to say that Adam didn't share his infection with anyone. . . that I know of.)

Kaleigh (to Rachel): "Come here, little Mom."

Grandpa Malouf: "Do you come to Logan very often? Can you come over sometime and show me who you are?" (It was the first time he couldn't figure out who I was over the phone. We went to Logan a few days later and spent the afternoon working/playing in his yard while he watched from the dining room window. It made me so thankful for these amazing pictures of my grandpa in his garden that my friend, Molly Jones, captured a few years ago.)

Rachel: "The Tooth Fairy forgot to come last night. Maybe she will come while I'm at school today. . . ?"

Adam: "Mom, I had a very busy day. I'm the one who needs a break. I had to be good, I had to watch Kaleigh, I had to help you. . ."

Me, trying to explain IVF to Rachel and Lucy: "They take some parts from the mom and some parts from the dad. . ."
Lucy: "Parts!?! What kind of parts are you talking about???" Then she got the most disgusted look on her face and declared, before walking off with her fingers plugging her ears, "Nevermind. That's way too gross. I'm not old enough to hear about this."

Steve: "Something is right in your life when you can walk outside and pick lettuce from your garden. Especially when it's snowing." (He won't let me post the quote about putting together binders. It was way funnier.)

Rachel, riding home in the car after a day at Brighton: "Skiing and Doritos. This is the life."

Adam: "Mom, you can still hold me when I'm five. Because it takes a long time to get bigger. . . for me at least."

Lucy, eating a brussel sprout: "I wish I could just take my taste buds off."

Rachel, to every neighbor kid who came to our house last week: "Are you wondering why we have mattresses in our kitchen?"

Kaleigh: "Baby, baby, baby, ooh."
Me: "Where did you learn that song?"
Kaleigh: "Beiber is my cousin!"

And my very favorite . . .

Some advice on how to reach someone at the IRS who can actually help you: "Here's what you've got to do. As soon as you get through, you have to ask, 'Are you wearing a Snuggie?' And if the answer is yes, then you hang up and keep calling back until you get through to someone who isn't wearing a Snuggie."

. . . . . .

I have been trying to do better; I took quite a few pictures last week. I'm planning to find my camera cord and get some of them posted before I fall too far behind to remember what they are about. (That happens to Rachel every once in a while with Draw Something. I ask her for a hint, and she says that I took so long to play my turn that she can't even remember what the word was, even when she's looking right at her drawing.)


Kayli said...

Awesome- every one.

blakeandcourt said...

I love reading quotes and yours were awesome! Was that kayleigh who took her pants off in the bounce house? Brooke took hers off at the park last week. :)

Karen said...

These are so funny. It makes me miss you guys even more.

emily ballard said...

Yes, it was Kaleigh. By the time I got to her, she had stripped down to her underwear! I guess she was hot?

Julie said...

LOVE these quotes, Emily!